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Yamaha bike on installment

Yamaha Bike Price in Pakistan Has Increased In May 2023

Yamaha Bike Price in Pakistan

Yamaha has announced a third price hike for all motorcycles in 2023. The increase in the Yamaha bike prices in Pakistan comes soon after the announcement by Atlas Honda that the price hike was announced yesterday.

Yamaha Installment Plan 2023 With Zero Markup And Price

The last announcement was in March 2023, which has brought the price of the bikes up to Rs. 410,000. Due to recent price hikes, new bikes have become out of reach for the majority of buyers. People have demanded the government to look into the matter but there is no response from the concerned parties.

Model Old Price (Rs.) New Price (Rs.) Hike (Rs.)
YB 125Z 342,500 356,000 13,500
YB 125Z DX 366,500 381,500 15,000
YBR 125 376,500 391,500 15,000
YBR 125G 391,500 407,000 15,500
YBR 125G (Matte Gray) 394,500 410,000 15,500

Yamaha YBR 125 Price In Pakistan

Yamaha YBR 125 price in Pakistan has been increase by Rs. 15,000 and reached to Rs. 391,500 after the price hike.

Yamaha YBR 125g price in Pakistan

Yamaha YBR 125g price in Pakistan has also been increase by Rs. 15,000 and reached to Rs. 407,000 after the price hike.

Honda Motorcycle Price In Pakistan Has Been Increased In May 2023

Last year, Yamaha increased the prices of the bikes seven times. As a result of the ongoing economic problems, dealers and industry experts expect prices to rise further this year.

According to the latest government data, a major part of motorcycle manufacturing in Pakistan is indigenous. This leaves no reason for motorcycle manufacturers to raise prices so frequently and by such a large margin.