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Yamaha bike on installment

Yamaha Installment Plan 2023 With Zero Markup And Price

Yamaha Installment Plan 2023 With Zero Markup And Price

Yamaha Installment Plan 2023 due to rising inflation and price hikes have reduced the purchasing power of the majority of people. For this reason, experts predict that the demand for bikes will increase despite the expected price hike, as more people will choose to buy bikes instead of cars to avoid any financial strain. Using this as leverage, Honda launched a zero markup installment plan for the Yamaha. Yamaha has once again announced a zero percent markup installment plan for its bikes.

According to the details mentioned in the ad, the company has started this project in collaboration with Dubai Islamic Bank. The advertisement states that the plan is limited to specific cities in Pakistan without naming anyone.

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This offer is only available for salaried individuals which means that there is no 0% markup plan for small traders and freelancers. While the ad said that the offer is available for a limited time, it left out important details such as the installment period, down payment, and other terms and conditions.

The announcement comes shortly after Yamaha announced a huge price hike. The last announcement came in February and the latest one has increased the prices of the motorcycles by Rs. 394,500.

Last year, the company increased the prices of the bike seven times. As a result of Pakistan’s ongoing economic problems, dealers and industry experts expect further price hikes this year, further reducing motorcycle sales.