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Tag: yamaha ybr 125 price in pakistan 2024

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Yamaha YBR 125G Price Increase in Pakistan – December 2023

Yamaha YBR 125G Price

Yamaha has increased the price of the YBR 125G. It recently launched the more expensive “new model” of the Yamaha YBR 125 at Rs 17,000, which lives up to customer expectations that it is just a new color variant.

Verient Old Price New Price Difference
YBR125G (Red/Black) Rs. 453,000 Rs. 471,000 Rs. 18,000
YBR125G (Matt Dark Gray/Matt Orange) Rs. 456,000 Rs. 474,000 Rs. 18,000

As expected, Yamaha has also increased the price of the YBR125G by Rs 18,000. After the price hike, the YBR125G (Red/Black) is now priced at Rs 471,000 from the previous price of Rs 453,000.

Similarly, the Yamaha YBR125G (Matte Dark Grey/Matte Orange) is now priced at Rs 474,000 as against its previous price of Rs 456,000.

Yamaha also increased the price of its motorcycle YBR 125 by Rs 17,000 in the month of November.

Yamaha has announced the launch of a new model of the YBR125G, however the latest model is nothing more than a paint job and some minor upgrades.

YBR125G 2024 Model Upgrades:

  • Gear Indication
  • Trip Meter
  • Fuel Gauge
  • Special Double Front Fender
  • Cast Wheels with Front Disc Brakes
  • Block pattern tire
  • Halogen Headlight with Ring Guard
  • Speed Transmission with Engine Balancer & Under Guards
  • Sporty and Stylish Seat
  • Level Adjustable Rear Suspension
  • Long Shock Absorbers with Rubber Boots

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