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Tehsil Malakwal


Bhagowal بھاگووال

Bhagowal  بھاگووال By: Asim Raza gondal Introduction: Village Bhagowal also known as Chak No. 22 is located in Tehsil Malakwal ...
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kuthiala khurd

Kuthiala Khurd کٹھیالہ خورد

Kuthiala Khurd (کٹھیالہ خورد) By: Humna Ali Introduction: Kuthiala khurd کٹھیالہ خورد is a village in Tehsil Malakwal. It is ...
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Photos of Pakistani villages - A beautiful scene of a village in Punjab

Chak No. 9 Kartarpur

Chak No. 9 Kartarpur چک نمبر 9 Information Provided By: Nusrullah Rajput Introduction: My Village Name is Kartarpur. It is ...
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Wara Chamian واڑہ چامیاں

Wara Chamian واڑہ چامیاں By: Muhammad Nawaz Sahi Locations Village Wara Chamian is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It can ...
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Sanda سندا

Sanda سندا Locations Village Sanda سندا is located in District Mandi Bahauddin Tehsil Malakwal. It can be reached by travelling ...
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Shumhari Info. by Syed Aqeel Abbas Bukhari Location of the village It is situated in west of city of Mandi ...
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rukkan mandi bahauddin

Rukkan رکن

Rukkan رکن Info Provider by: Fiaz Ahmed Saleem,  Touqeer Usman  Rukkan Picture Gallery. Locations Village Rukkan is located in District ...
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village pind makko

Pind Makko پنڈ مکو

Pind Makko پنڈ مکو Info by: Mahar Naeem & Nadeem Akhtar Introduction Village Pind Makko پنڈ مکو is located on ...
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Pakistani Village Life, Photos of Pakistani Villages: Two Villagers on Bicycles and a girl with a pitcher in Mustard (Sarson) Fields - Pictures of Pakistani Villages

Phaphra پھپھرا

Village Phaphra پھپھرا By: Kafait Ahmad Introduction: Village Phaphra is located at the right bank of famous lake lower Jhelum ...
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Village Phaphra

Info Provided by: Kafait Ahmad Village Phaphra Introduction: Phaphra is located at the right bank of famous lake lower Jhelum ...
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Introduction: Naseerpur is an Island between the River Jehlum and situated 3 KM far from Malikwal City. Daman-e-Khizar Park is ...
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village Miana Gondal mandi bahauddin

Miana Gondal میانہ گوندل

Miana Gondal  میانہ گوندل Info. by Babar Shahzad Anjum & Mukhtar Ahmad Samore Location of Village: Miana Gondal is 50km away ...
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Kolowal Kotehra

KOLOWAL (كولووال) Info. by Shahid Imran Gondal Name of My village is KOLOWAL. It has 5 Parts 1. Haso Ana ...
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Gohri گوہڑی 

Ghori گوہڑی  Info. by Lt Cdr Tasawar Iqbal Tungar Pak Navy   '''GOHRI''' is a small and old village situated ...
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Gohar Sharif گوہڑ شریف

Gohar Sharif Info Provided By:Ch.Saqib Hussain and Ch.Wilayat sardar Gondal GOHAR SHARIF this information is about village gohr SHARIF Picture ...
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FAQIRIAN Info. by M. Sufyan, Rehan, Kamran & Arslan Gondal Village history and latest information Faqirian is a village in ...
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Chak No. 26 چک نمبر ۲۶

Chak No. 26 Info. by M. Irfan Shabbir Location of Village: Chak No. 26 is 38 km away from Mandi ...
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Ajjowal اجووال

Ajjowal اجووال Ajjowal is a small village of distt M.B.Din. It is situated on Khutiala road. Almost 27 km from ...
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Bosaal Masoor

Village Name: Bosaal Masoor Information Provided by: Adnan Anjum E-Mail Address: Contact No. 03454978982 Introduction: Sargodha Road Gojra Kay ...
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Barmusa بارموسیٰ

Information provided by Faisal Gondal    Barmusa is famous and historical village of Gondal bar in district mandi Bahauddin.barmusa is ...
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Khizar tehsil Malakwal Info Provided by: Mian Shoaib Akhter Gondal E-Mail Address: Phone No. Brief Introduction: Khizar is 65km ...
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