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Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin

kuthiala khurd

Hassan حسن

Hassan حسن By: Ihsan Ullah Locations: Village Hassan is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from District Mandi ...
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jaisak mandi bahauddin

Jaisak جیسک

Jaisak جیسک By: Adnan Alvi Locations The village Jaisak جیسک is approximately 17 km southeast of the city of Mandi ...
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Kakuwal.............................................................Info:Zahid Gondal Location: Kakuwal is in m b din. It is sittuated on Sargodha road about 7 km from Disst ...
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Mohabat Pur محبت پور

Mohabat Pur Khewa محبت پور کھیوہ Info. by Aazar Kurrar Location: It is located Village mubht pur is located in District ...
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Makkewal مکے وال

Makkeywal مکیوال Makkeywal is one of the major village of Disst MBDin. village makkeywal is 17km away from MBD city ...
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Rattowall رتووال

RATTOWALL رتووال Info Provider by: Zohaib Ashraf Ranjha (I.Com)  Picture gallery of Rattowal Location: Village Rattowal located in District Mandi ...
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village shaheedanwali mandi bahauddin

Shaheedanwali شہیدانوالی

Shaheedanwali شہیدانوالی By: Ch Saqib Iqbal Location Village Shaheedanwali شہیدانوالی sahahdin wali is located in district Mandi bahauddin. It is ...
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Sohawa Bolani سوہاوہ بولانی

Sohawa Bolani سوہاوہ بولانی Information provided by: Arbab Gondal Melborne Australia               Sohawa is one of the major towns of District ...
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Sohawa Jumlani سوہاوہ جملانی

Sohawa Jamlani سوہاوہ جملانی Information provided by: Arbab Gondal Melborne Australia سوہاوہ گاؤں منڈی بہاؤ الدین کے تمام گاؤں ہی ...
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Wara balian

Wara Balian واڑہ بالیاں

Wara Balian واڑہ بالیاں Info by: Mozzam Riaz Locations Village Wara Balian is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. Its away from ...
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Sahna ساہنا

Sahna ساہنا Introduction: Village Sahna ساہنا is a village in Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin. It is 14 KM from Mandi Bahauddin ...
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Sohawa Dilloana سوہاوہ دلوآنہ

   Sohawa Dilowana سوہاوہ دلوآنہ  Info provider: Zeeshan Tarar Sohawa dilowana is a very famous village of Distt. mandi bahuddin and near ...
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munshi mohalla

Munshi Mohalla منشی محلہ

Munshi Mohalla منشی محلہ Info provided by: M. Qaisar Shahzad & Waseem Locations Munshi Muhalla is located in Mandi Bahauddin ...
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Sufipura صوفی پورہ

Sufi Pura Mandi Baha ud Din صوفی پورہ منڈی بہاوالدین                                   Info. IMRAN ALI (BA -LLB)Amsterdam, HOLLAND Mandi baha ud ...
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Village Name: Kharlanwala Info Provided by: Asjid Mehmood Kharal E-Mail Address: Contact No. A Little Introduction: Rasool Road Kot ...
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Dhok Murad

Village Name: Dhok Murad (M.B.Din) Info Provided By: Mazhar Iqbal E-Mail Address: Contact No.   Main Castes of the ...
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Pindi Alhani پنڈی الہانی

Pindi Alhani پنڈی الہانی Info Provided by: Ranjha Janoon E-Mail Address: Contact No. Brief Introduction of Village: Yeh Gaon ...
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AAKI آکی

AAKI info provided by TAHIR IQBAL GONDAL Locations Village AAKI is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from District ...
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Chak No.37 (taratibi)

Chak No.37 (taratibi) teh & distt. M.B.Din info provided by Ch. M.Adeel Anjum ArainMobile: 03217751895Email: The village is under ...
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Kuthiala Sheikhan کٹھیالہ شیخاں

Kuthiala Sheikhan کٹھیالہ شیخاں کٹھیالہ شیخان کا شمار ضلع منڈی بہاولدین کے بڑے اور ترقی یافتہ قصبوں میں ہے کٹھیالہ ...
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Beer Pindi Jharana

Beer Pindi Jharanainfo provided by Muhammad My village is situated 8km from mandi bahaudin dist. head quarter on its ...
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