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Tehsil Phalia

Dhal Sharif ڈھل شريف

Dhal Sharif ڈھل شريف This village is famous for the name of a person whose name was Dhal.He was son ...
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Dhaboula info provided by Muhammad Javed Vinning Mobile Number:03456237777 Email: Location Village Dhaboola is also in tehsil Phalia distt ...
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Pakistani Village Life: A Villager is smoking 'Huqqa' while riding on a bicycle - Photos of Pakistani Villages, Pictures of Pakitani Villages

Chaito چیتو

CHAITO چیتو Info. By. Afzal H. Tarar Village historical and latest information Location of the village: CHAYTO or Chaito is ...
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Charound چورنڈ

Charound چورنڈ By: Bashir Muhammad s/o Sai Mohd Gondal Introduction: Charound چورنڈ is an old village of District Mandi Bahauddin ...
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CHAK MITHA چک مٹھہ

CHAK MITHA چک مٹھہ Info provider:Muhammad Yousaf Tarar Mobile:0092 321 5527877 Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You ...
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Chak Jano Kalan

Chak Jano Kalan Locations Chak Jano Kalan is located inTehsil Phalia District Mandi Bahauddin. The distence of District Mandi Bahauddin ...
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CHAK JANO Village historical and latest information Location of the village Chak Jano is divided into three branches, Chak Jano ...
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Chak Abdulla

Chak Abdulla Info. by Mazhar Abbas Tarar Switzerland Chak Abdulla is situated South-West of City Phalia.Its founder is grandfather of ...
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CHAK KAMAL چک کمال

CHAK KAMAL, U/C Ghanian,Talat Navid Warraich &Andleeb Sheraz Tarar,Info Provided By:,0300-7747199 Location of the village Village Chak Kamal is situated ...
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Chahrrke Info provided by Baba Khushi Muhammad and Salman Zafar .GC lahore. Location Village Chahrrke is situated at Jokalian .Asad ...
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Bumbli بمبلی

 یہ گاوں ایک آدمی کے نام سے مشہور ہوا جس کی ذات تارڑ تھی مگر اب اس کا نام کاغذات ...
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Bhoa Hassan

Bhoa Hassan :                   Info From: M. Ilyas Gondal    گاؤں  بھوا حسن کئی گاؤں میں ایک مرکز لنک ہے. بھیروال پھالیہ ...
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PHALIA   VILLAGE BHIKHAYWAL اپنے گاوں کے بارے میں تفصیل سے لکھیں: VERY BEAUTIFULL VILLAGE BHIKHAYWAL گاؤں کی مشہور اور ...
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Pakistani Village Life: Two villagers at a well - Photos of Pakistani Villages, Pictures of Pakitani Villages


Bherowal      Info. by M.Arshad Haral Ranjho Location Of Village Bherowal is 36 km away from Phalia and 58 km away from ...
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Photos of Pakistani villages - A villager on bicycle in sunfower fields

Anhay Sharif انہے شریف

Anhay Sharif Mandi Bahauddin Information Edited by: Nadeem Akram Virik Anhay Sharif History: انھے شریف قریبی بڑے شہر میانوال سے ...
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Agroya اگرویا

Agroya اگرویا Information provided and translated by: Jamshaid Iqbal Email Address: | گاؤں اگرویا اس گاؤں کے مقیم ...
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Melu                      Info. by Ghulam Rasul s/o Munshi Location Village Melu is situated in Tehsil Phalia ,Distt Mandi Bahauddin..It is situated ...
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