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Thatha Alia


Thatha Alia

Location of Thatha Alia

Its a Historical village in tehseel phalia Disst Mandi Bahaud Din. its union concial is Jokalian.

Its situated at the bank of River of Chanab .It is approximately 40 km southeast of the city of Mandi Bahuddin.

History of Thatha Alia

It is the name of Alia Tarar . who has the large number of area . He was financialy good and powerful man of the Area. there was a man who was famous due to Dam Darood called Peer Named as BABA GORAN DITA. His mizar is fomous by his name and locatede in front of the village .

Neighbouring villages, towns and geographical landmarks

    * Kotla Mohmood Shah                     ————-> East                                                                                                                    * Ranmal Shreif                          ————->Wes                                                                                                                                        * Kot sttar                             ————->North

    * Thatha Naik                     ————–>South

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

   1. Ch.Zafarullah Khan Tarar (Range officer Forest Department)

   2.DR. Fiaz Ahmad (MS Meo Hospital)

   3. Chaudhary Mehdi Hasan Tarar(newal Comander)

   4. Ch. Khalid Hussain Tarar ( Inspecter Punjab POlice)

   5. Ch. Shahid Iqbal Tarar ( lecturar govt. college)

   6. CH.Azmat Ullah Tarar (civil Engineer)

   7. Khalid Mohammod B.Sc Engioneer

8.CH Yasir Zafarullah Tarar(Engioneer Wapda)

9.Ch. Beshart Ali Tarar (Engineer Wapda)

Social Personalities of the Village

# Ch.Qaiser Ayoub Tarar

#Thekedar Mazhar Hussain Tarar

#Ch. Atta Muhammad (Number dar)

#Ch.Sanaullah Tarar

#CH.TUjmal Hussain (number dar)

# Haji Muhammad Sharif Tarar EX.chairman

# SAif Ullah Baghri Naib Nazam

#Ch.Mudsaar Husain Tarar

#Ch. Muhammad Aslam Jehmshad Tarar

Schools, Collages, Musjid and Madrasas in the village

Govt. Middle School Thatha Alia(for Boys)

>Govt. Primary School (for Girls)

>Fazal English Modle High School (co-education)

>Jamia-e-ishat islam High School (co-education)

>There are THREE Musjid And also Madrasas .

Main castes

    * Tarar 60%

    * Muhager 15 %

    * Muslaim Shaikh 15 %

*others 10 %

Main crops and fruits in the village

Sugar Cane, wheat, rice, Potato all kind of vegetable etc

Free time & Hobby

Shooting Ball, Cricket, Foot Ball, Kabadi, Kushti,

Parks and Canals

Rasul-QadirAbad Link Canal is not far away from village also there are some natural lakes between Village and R.Q. Link and a lot of natural scenery around the village.

Mazars in Village

    * Mazar BABA Guran dita

    * Peer Sain Bukish


Mostly People Belonge TO Agricultre And Fish FORMING And other many people are living abroad country and settle there some students are also Highly studying in Abroad like Cyprus, England ,ChinaETC..

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