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Wasu واسو

Wasu واسو


Wasu’s Past:

The Glorious past of the Village Wasu is about three hundreds years old and is one of the few old villages of the area. Wasu was the nephew of Sohawa and shifted to Dera Tibba near present village. Wasu remained there and his generation spread around and village Wasu was established by them on his name. He was from the family of Gondal and had four sons. No one knows where and when Wasu died and buried. Most likely he was buried at the present central location of Wasu or Dera Tibba. The centre of the village is built on a high and raised ground. The whole village could be seen from there, now fully inhabitant.

Wasu Now:

It is situated on the south of Mandi Bahauddin city. It is a big village and its Union Council consist of both Chak No 2 (North and South), Qilla Gujran, Mohallah Rehman Pura, Ehsan Abad, Lilla Town, Taj Pura, Noor Pur Gujjran and many Derajat and other new Mohallahs and Towns built around village due to rapid expansion of Mandi city and due to its location being in the centre of Mandi and new district complex. It is just its location that the property and land of this village has become like Goldmine. There are around 20 property dealers on just Wasu Road to sell this Gold. Agricultural land is very fertile because of very well planned irrigation system and famous three canals. People are also very fertile, intellectual and hardworking. They are very co-operative and have helping attitude.

The most positive point of this village is that people are very peaceful and caring. Most of the new District Complex is built on the land of Wasu, Sohawa and Jhoulana. The village has become the focus and pivotal point for the Mandi city, investors from other areas. Till recent years Wasu was divided into four parts, but the new development changed the scenario and now it can be called old village and new Wasu, which is out of village boundary. The recent development were that Sui Gas was provided to each and every house. All the major or minor streets were changed with tough tiles and Sewerage System was introduced. I as a individual do not want that my village should loose its Identity of being a Village Wasu, Now Wasu is becoming the home of those people migrating from other area,s


Dear Tibba:

It is located southeast of main village and is built up on well raised ground like its name. Nobody cared to dig it down and houses were built all over the area. Who knows what kind of history, antiques are under that. Now it has become a well populated area with all the necessities available. Ch Mutalla Khan, Ch Ashraf, Ahmed Khan, Haji Riaz, Mansha Akbar, Haji Sakandar, Azam Gondal, Ghulam Qadir are famous persons here.

Dear Tarkhana and Dera Roshan

The Founder of Dera Tarkhana was Thekedaar Haji Muhammad Din Son of Gulam Muhammad and younger brother Of Hazrat Daim Iqbal Daim ,he is Great personality and very intelligent person in solving the problem of Dera Tarkhana.

Is located nearer to each other and near Mandi city. Ch Roshan was a traditional man and had great influence; Ch Iqbal is on his footsteps.

Then is Wasu Bangla built by British Raj which is a history itself. There are few small Dera,s like Dadooan Da Dera, Charagah, which are thickly populated.

Nature & Culture of People:

People are very peaceful, religious and mostly busy in different jobs like Zamindara, business, private and governmental jobs and their small industrial unit. But the young generation preferred going abroad and today most of Youngies are in Europe. But people have gone to USA, Canada, and Arab countries also. Hardly there would be any house whose representative is not abroad. Land cultivation, businesses, foreign wealth and village’s central location from City and Distt Complex are sources of income, there is a flow of wealth in the village and its standard has gone very high. The big Bungalow’s are now seen every where

Nearest Villages:

  • East: Both Chak No. 2 (North & South)
  • West: Sohawa and Satsira
  • North: Mandi Bahauddin
  • South: New District Complex

Main Crops:

Sugar Cane, Wheat, Rice, Potato all kind of vegetable etc

Main Caste:

  • Gondal
  • Arain
  • Gujjar
  • Ranjha
  • Tarar

Historical Places:

The village has and had many historical buildings and mandars/Gurdawaras which were left by Hindus and Sikhs but are being demolished due to new construction, Thus we are losing our past. Famous Store wali Gali had a well (Kouan), which people still believe that it is full of Gold thrown by Hindus who migrated to India. Still there are many buildings which are stood by and trying to prove the glorious past of the village. These houses are visited by their ex owners from India on frequent basis.


  • Darbar Peer Alam Shah
  • Darbar Mian Wada
  • Darbar Daim Iqbal Daim
  • Darbar Peer Bahar Shah


  1. Govt. Public High School
  2. Govt. Girls Middle School
  3. Govt. Girls Iqra School
  4. Govt. Primary SchoolTibba
  5. Aziz. Bhatti Public School
  6. Brightway Public School
  7. Children’s Inn Junior and High School
  8. Pasban Public School
  9. Amna Model School

and few other private schools

Well Educated Persons:

  1. Doctor Mohammad Ayub Zahid  (I/C Mugowal Hospital)
  2. Doctor Rana Akram (I/C  District Jail Mandi Bahauddin)
  3. Umar Hayat Gondal (Dy. Director Anti Narcotics)
  4. Asif Hayat Gondal (Civil Judge)
  5. Doctor Waqas Gondal (M.B.B.S)
  6. Doctor Mohammad Naeem (M.B.B.S)
  7. Daughter of Mian Aslam (M.B.B.S)
  8. Engineer Sikandar Hayat Gondal
  9. Professor Mujahid Ahmed (Govt Degree College Mandi Bahauddin)
  10. Professor Arshad Zamzam (Mandi Bahauddin)
  11. Mrs. Nagina Jamil )MA, M ed, Headmistress Chak No 2 South)
  12. Major Faiz Rasool Gondal (MA History, diplomas in Security from USA and Canada)
  13. Mohammad Arshad (Vice Principle Rangers Public School Mandi Bahauddin)
  14. Ch Bashir Sajid Gondal (Famous Senior Journalist (Late))
  15. Asghar Tabassum (M.A, Bureau Chief Daily Ausaf)
  16. Mian Sajid (M.S.C Economics,  Rana Mazhar M.S.C Statistics)
  17.  Roashan Jatt (SDO)
  18. Mian Anwar (SDO in MES)
  19. Mian Hakeem & Mian Zakir (Son & Father, both late were Custom Inspectors)
  20. Moulana Aziz Ahmed Gondal (Principal Ghousia Girls College)
  21. Shahmeer Riaz (Numberdar)
  22. Arslan Khalid (Numberdar)
  23. Munir Hussain Ranjha (MA, LLB, LLM)

Famous Persons of the Past:

  1. Diam Iqbal Diam: (Famous Punjabi Poet) although he died in early 90,s but still he mains the landmark of Wasu. His mausoleum is under construction. In his life time Famous Punjabi singer Alam Lohar used to come to Wasu on festivals, Alam Lohar sang all of his poetry.
  2. daim iqbal daim
  3. Ch. Khuda Buksh Gondal
  4. Haji Allah Ditta Gondal
  5. Dr. Sher Muhammad Gondal Kalsana
  6. Ch. Sai Mohammad Numberdar
  7. Ch. Sardar Khan Numberdar
  8. Ch. Karam Dad Gondal
  9. Mian Hameed Aartee
  10. Mian Muhammad Latif
  11. Yaqub Pehlwan
  12. Mian Jalal Gondal
  13. Salman Gujjar Wasvi Famous Poet
  14. Ch. Tufail Gujjar
  15. Hafiz Taj Muhammad

 Famous Persons of Present:

  • Ch. Qaim Din Gondal
  • Mian Ayub Thekedar,
  • Mian Mohammad Hashim
  • Gulzar and Arshad Ranjha
  • Ghulam Rasool Gondal Pehlwan & PTI
  • Ch. Nazir Ziladar
  • Ch. Said Gondal Julana
  • Ch. Sai Ranjha and Anwar Ranjha
  • Sarwar Gondal Kalsana
  • Mian Ramzan Jani & Doctor Qudrat Ullah
  • Ch. Sai Mohammad Arrar & Amanat Chami
  • Hasan Akhter Ahsan Punjabi Poet
  • Noor Din Gujjar& Ch Sattar Gujar
  • Ch. Nazir Numberdar
  • Haji Munawar Iqbal Bagga
  • Ch. Abbas Lilla
  • Ch. Abbas Gondal
  • Mujahid Painter, a successful Contractor
  • Haji Bilal Gondal
  • Ch. Fazal Dad Gondal
  • Haji Riaz Gondal Dera Tibba
  • Adnan Bashir Gondal
  • Pehlwan khan Numberdar (late)
  • Haji Ahmad Bakhsh Numberdar
  • Haji Muhammad Anayat Numberdar
  • Haji Ghulam Qadir Numberdar(late)(retired major)
  • Haji Naveed Numberdar
  • Chaudhary Riaz Gondal Numberdar
  • Haji Mohammad Anayat Numberdar
  • Riaz Ahmad Gondal Numberdar
  • Haji Naveed Ahmed Numberdar

Political Persons:

  1. Ch. Qaim Din Gondal (Ex chairman U/C)
  2. Ch. Ilam Din Gujjar (Ex chairman U/C)
  3. Ch. Anwar Daim Gondal (Ex Chairman Zakat & Ushar)
  4. Ch. Bashir Numberdar (Ex Naib Nazim)
  5. Ishtiaq Ahmed Gondal Advocate (Naib Nazim)
  6. Mian Shafqat Ali (Member union Council)
  7. Mian Shabbir Saqib (Member union Council)
  8. Sher Mohammad Gondal (ex Member District Council)
  9. Mian Mohammad Iqbal
  10. Ch. Arshad Lilla
  11. Ch. Aman Ullah Saeed Gondal

Army Person:

  • Lt. Col. Bashir Ahmed
  • Major Faiz Rasool Gondal
  • Major Khalid Mehmood
  • Major Tasharraf Awan
  • Sqn Ldr Ahmed Bilal
  • Muzaffar Javed Gondal Inspector Pak Rangers

The Lawyers

  1. Ghulam Rasool Gondal (M A, L.L.B)
  2. Aslam Faiz Gondal  (MA, L.L.B)
  3. Sher Mohammad Gondal  (B.A, LLB)
  4. Ishtiaq Ahmed Gondal Advocate (MA, L.L.B)
  5. Ghulam Murtaza Gondal (B.A, LLB)
  6. Tasawar Iqbal Gondal (B.A, LLB)
  7. Riaz Ahmed Advocate (B.A, LLB)
  8. Asif Riaz Gujjar (MA, L.L.B)
  9. Naveed Arrar (B.A, LLB)
  10. Sohail Sattar Gujjar (B.A, LLB)
  11. Arslan Khalid Numberdar (LLB)

Social Workers:

  1. Ch Irshad Ullah Gondal
  2. Zahid Tufail Gujjar
  3. Ch Khaliq Gujjar

Haji Babu Bashir Ahmed (The One Man Army) The life Time Chairman of District Property Dealers, Central Chairman Majlas e Amla Markazi Anjuman Tajaran Mandi Bahauddin, Vice Chairman of Pegham Union Pak Wapda, Vice Chairman Irrigation Pasban Union Punjab is a generous person who has lot of pain, interest for the village development and poor people of the area.

AlKhidmat Foundations

It was established in April 2004 by a group of people headed by Dr. Qudrat Ullah and Hafiz Ahmed Yar who wanted to do good and generous works for poor people. It has different projects like Alkhidmat Dastkari School, Public Library, Free Dispensary, Classes for Tajweed ul Quran and other humanitarian works for disasters in the country, marriages of poor girls, and helping needy people. It has few future humanitarian plans also.


Dr. Zahid Ayub, the local Messiah for local and surrounding people, man without   any greed serving and helping people to cure their diseases. His clinic is always full of patients and he is busy with them.

The Private Clinics of

  1. Dr. Qudrat Ullah
  2. Dr. Hanif
  3. Dr. Ghulam Nabi
  4. Dr. Sher
  5. Dr Sajid
  6. Dr. Mian Akram
  7. Dr. Sikandar

are also helpful for people.


There are four main mosques and about 10 small mosques in the village. One mosque and Maddarasa built by Mian Sarwar and Mian Hanif is in Ehsan Abad and many young boys have done Hifz e Quran there.

Markets and Industries:

Almost every street and road has become the shopping mall and has many plazas built on the main roads which lead to Mandi city and Satsira. Almost all kinds of stuff is available within the village like crockery, clothing, shoes, medical and electric store, gas cylinders, sweet shops, shoes, mobiles, the Cash and Carry store etc. The Wasu Road is all built with Plaza’s, Markets, and offices of different kinds. The Cold Storages, Bricks Manufactures, Shoes Factories, Petrol Pumps, Furniture’s Show Rooms and factories are there in Wasu. There is Marriage Hall under construction at main Adda.

ZamZam Ice Cream

Although there are many businessmen in Wasu and City but ZamZam Ice Cream is very famous all over the area and is proudly product of the village.

Media and Communication:

PTCL, V sets and mobile are seen in every hand and house. Satellite dish and cables are also available.

 Hotels and restaurants

There are seen every where, The Wasu Burfi is very famous and made on especial orders.

Main Problems of the Village:

  1. Sewerage is the main problem not of Wasu rather entire area. There is no outlet of dirty water
  2. The Wasu road which is built and destroyed by new development each time. Wasu road is the main link road to so many villages but is neglected by authorities.
  3. There is no proper Post Office, Its unfortunate

Picnic Places:

Wasu Bangla, Jhaal of Wasu and three canals of village are the only picnic places. Rasul Barrage and 8 RD are the next places.


The cricket and football tournaments are held by few sports lovers, Unfortunately Kabadi, Kushti have become the games of past. The now a day’s generation is not even aware of so many games. TV, Dish, video games have eliminated the Punjab culture and games. Now those games are seen in TV only. The famous Dara,s are totally vanished,

Yeh Meri Galian, Yeh mere Kouche, Yeh mere Sheher ke payare log

Mere naam ke jo Badal aaein, mere Basti pe barsa daina

This History and introduction is not complete and accurate as so many information’s could not be found but it shall be updated as and when ever possible. Allah Bless our village (amen)

Regards Shahmeer Numberdar

کسی بھی قسم کی درستگی کیلئے ہم سے رابطہ کریں۔ شکریہ


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