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Tag: Mobile Phone On Installment Program

Government’s announcement to provide smartphones to citizens in installments - mobile phone price in pakistan

Govt Introduces Mobile Phone On Installment Program in Pakistan

Mobile Phone On Installment

The caretaker government is apparently going to start a system of distributing mobile phone on installment to individuals across Pakistan to make the technology more accessible to the common people.

According to the media, the Ministry of Information and Technology organized a conference a day ago in which the leaders of the top telecommunications corporations of the country participated.

During the meeting, a top ministry official told companies about the government’s plan to write rules for a system that would provide mobile phones to the general public in easy installments.

iPhone PTA Tax Can Now Be Paid On Installments with 0 Markup

He said that after the implementation of the legislation, all National Identity Card holders will be able to get mobiles in installments from mobile providers. He added that in case of default, ID card or IMEI will be blocked.

According to the sources, the recommendations in this regard are being formalized. Under which the concerned departments will be brought on board soon.

How To Buy Mobile On Installment

According to reports, Pakistanis will not have to go through any lengthy paperwork. Because they will be able to buy mobile phones using their NADRA ID card.

Companies in different parts of the world provide mobile phones to the public in installments. Customers have to pay a fixed amount in advance and the remaining amount has to be paid in installments of three to twelve months under the system.