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Tag: pakistani passport ranking 2024

Passport Ranking 2024 - World's Strongest Passpor

Passport Ranking 2024: World’s Strongest Passport

Passport Ranking 2024

Washington: International organization Henley & Partners has released the Passport Ranking, which shares the list of the world’s strongest and weakest passports in 2024. in which 6 countries jointly occupy the first place, while this time the weakest passport is from Afghanistan.

Strongest Passports Of the World 2024

According to the list released by the international organization Henley & Partners, the strongest passports of the world are Japan, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Singapore allow visa-free travel to 194 countries and these countries are joint leaders for this feature.

The 3 countries are joint second in the list of strongest passports. Passports from South Korea, Finland and Sweden allow visa-free travel to 193 countries.

Pakistani Passport holders can visit these eight countries without visa

On the third place are the passports of Denmark, Ireland, Austria and the Netherlands, which allow visa-free travel to 192 countries, while on the fourth place are the passports of the United Kingdom, Belgium, Norway, Luxembourg and Portugal, which allow travel to 191 countries.

Passports from Greece, Malta and Switzerland offer visa-free entry to 190 countries. Due to which these countries are jointly fifth in the list.

Weakest Passport In The World 2024

According to Henley & Partners, the Weakest Passport in the world belongs to Afghanistan, followed by Syria and Iraq, while Pakistan is at the fourth position.