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Bad News: Will Petrol Be Cheaper In Pakistan From June 1?

Imported Russian oil will take time to impact fuel prices, explains Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik.

Minister of State for Petroleum Musadik Malik said that fuel prices will not fall immediately as a result of cheap oil imports from Russia, but will see a gradual decline once oil supplies from Moscow continue. He added that for now the prices will remain the same.

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In a pre-recorded video message played at the Pakistan Energy Conference 2023, the minister said “Importing oil from Russia is not [just] a promise. It is not just talk. The ships have arrived in Oman and the supply of cheap Russian oil to Pakistan will start in a week.

Asked whether Pakistan would pursue more Russian imports, he said, “If we can find cheap energy sources today, we will go there.”


today Petrol Price In Pakistan

Petrol 5, Diesel 20 Per Liter Likely To Be Cheaper From April 1

Islamabad: Petrol and diesel prices are expected to decrease due to the decrease in crude oil prices in the international market from April 1, 2023  in Pakistan.

Petrol and diesel prices may decrease from April 1 due to fluctuations in crude oil prices in the global market. Oil marketing companies estimate that diesel could be cheaper by Rs 15-20 and petrol by Rs 4-5 per litre.

On the other hand, industry sources say that there is no possibility of any change in the prices.

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The expected decrease in fuel prices is expected to bring a sigh of relief for the masses who are forced to pay Rs272 per litre for petrol as the government earlier soared the petrol prices by Rs5 per litre for the fortnight.

The expected drop in fuel prices in Pakistan is expected to bring a sigh of relief to the public who are forced to pay Rs. 272 per liter for petrol as the government had already hiked petrol prices by Rs 5 per liter for a fortnight.