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Delay In Delivery Of Passports Across The Country

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Due to the extraordinary rush of passport makers, the delivery of passports across the country has been delayed by more than a month.

Citizens in other cities of the country are once again having to wait for a long time to get passports. Normal passport delivery in more than a month instead of 10 days, urgent passport in 15 days instead of 5 days and passport delivery through fast track is also being done in 5 days instead of 2 days. Umrah pilgrims, those traveling abroad for work and education are facing difficulties due to the unusual delay.

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The reason for the delay in the delivery of passports is being said to be an extraordinary increase in the number of passport applicants. Instead of 24 to 26 thousand, the number of requests on a daily basis has increased to 40 thousand. The printing period has been increased to 24 hours without any holiday to remove the delay in delivery of passports. It should be noted that the number of Pakistanis going abroad has increased significantly during the last one year.

یو اے ای کا اقامتی ویزے اور پاسپورٹ اسٹیکرز سے متعلق بڑا فیصلہ

A report released in April 2023 said that millions of young people, worried about the uncertain economic and political situation, inflation and unemployment, went abroad in search of livelihood. The number of Pakistanis going abroad for work has tripled.



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