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District Mandi Bahauddin Population 2017

According to latest census of Pakistan 2017 population of Mandi Bahauddin district of Punjab . Full report of Mandi Bahauddin district population of census 2017.Complete detail of Mandi Bahauddin population facts and figure .Current population of Mandi Bahauddin district of Pakistan all detail of census . According to census 2017 total population of District Mandi Bahauddin is 1593292 . In Total population males are 776205 , female are 816971 and Shemale / Transgender are 116 . Average annual growth rate is 1.68 from 1998 to 2017.

Detail Population of District Mandi Bahauddin Census 2017

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All facts and figure of population of Mandi Bahauddin latest census of 2017 Pakistan. .

District complete list of male, female and shemale population of Mandi Bahauddin and complete information about household , married , un married , age wise , literacy rate population (15 years and above) by marital status , un-employment rates , labour force participation rate , population by mother tongue / language , population by religion , educated population by level of education , literacy ratio by sex , population by selective age group , area, population, density and urban/rural , population density , growth rate , age dependency ratio , disabled population , housing units by number of rooms and type.

District Mandi Bahauddin all tehsil , Union Council and city population. Total Population includes all persons residing in the Mandi Bahauddin including Afghans & other Aliens residing with the local population.


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