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Role Of Spices In Punjabi Food

It’s stating the obvious when one says that a Punjabi dish is incomplete without spices. InPunjabi Food, spices are used to hoist the tang and flavors of Punjabi delicacies. Cardamoms, cinnamon, garam masala, cilantro mint and many more are exceedingly used for preparing a finger licking dish. Several delicious Punjabi recipes are extensively imparted with the blend of these spices. In a Punjabi dish, these spices are not just ingredients but the creator of charm, flavor and aroma.

These spices have been playing an essential role for escalating the economic conditions since the very old time period. In today’s time of renovation and technical advancements, though the spice trade has changed in a variety of ways but the role and importance is still the same.
The worth and requirement of these spices does not limit only to Punjab; There is a huge demand of these spices in other parts of the country and globe as well. These are exported to the various locations of the world.

Some of the popular Punjabi cuisine like Shahi Paneer, shahi pulao, and chicken korma are improved with these spices. Some of the dishes are flavored with the seeds and some are with the paste of handful spices.

Ginger, cloves, Garlic, arrowroot, musk mallow, mango powder, stone leek, onion powder, black pepper, asafetida, turmeric are tremendously used to improve the tang and flavors of Punjabi food.
All in all, Punjabi spices play an important role in any customs and treated as a base of Punjabi cooking.


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