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Village Phaphra

Info Provided by: Kafait Ahmad

Village Phaphra


Phaphra is located at the right bank of famous lake lower Jhelum. River Jhelum is on the right side of Village at distance of 1km. It is a small but beautiful village in Malakwal subdivision of District Mandibahauddin, containing an area of about 600 Acres. On right side of village there is a natural forest covering an area of approximately 50 acres.  It has a total population of approximately 4000 inhabitants, with all of them Muslims. Major costs of the village are Mughal, Göndal and all other serving Casts.

 Nearby Villages:

·         Kattowal on west –south side, 

·         Bhagowal on east side

·        And Kapoor on north- east side.

Major Crops of the Village                                   

The whole surrounding area of the village is excellent for cultivation of rice, wheat, potato, Tobacco and sugar cane etc.

Schools and Religious Institutions

There are two Government Primary Schools (one for each gender), One Private High school and three mosques in which basic religious education is provided to the people.

But it is important to highlight that there is no one English teacher in both government schools and standard of education is very poor. It urged me to write down on the local forum. I do request on the behalf of my villagers from education authorities to do their best effort for the poor people of my village otherwise it will take long time to educate them.

People of the Village    

Village’s disputes are often settled by a committee (Panchyat),

The most famous persons of the villages are (alphabetically);

Ch. Faiz Ahmad (Leading Farmer)

Ch. Javeed Iqbal (Leading Farmer)

Ch. Kafait Ahmad (Student of Medical Research UK)

Ch. Khalid Tamur (Btech. Hons.)

Dr. Mazhar

Ch. Muhammad Afzal (Deputy, District Population officer)

Ch. Muhammad Farooq (Lecturer, Govt. Post Graduate College Mandi Bahuddin),

Ch. Muhammad Razaq (Chairman Bright Future Public School)

Ch. Munawar Iqbal

Ch. Nasir Iqbal (Leading Farmer)

Ch. Skindar (Leading farner)

Ch. Tufail (Paris)


Famous supports are cricket, kabadi, football and Horse riding. People also enjoy dogfighting. Youngers are fond of swimming as well, as this village is located on the bank of lake.

Health Facilities:

There is only one private clinic in the village with limited resources. Hospital is at least 25 km away where one could get diagnostic facility and proper medical treatment.  There had been several deaths only because of scarcity of resources available to this area.

I have tried my best to cover all the information in brief manner. I would try to get further information as soon as possible and update them.

Kafait Ahmad Mughal                                                                                                                     



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