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Bir Pindi Jharana

Bir Pindi Jharana


Village Bir Pindi Jharana is located north west of mandi bahauddin.

Geographical Position

The village is divided into different dera’s i.e dera bahadur ka etc. It is situated near to the mandi to malkwal road.

Area of the Village

Total area of the village is about 15squares that is about 500 acres.

Neighbouring Villages

Neighbouring villages of Bir Pindi Jharana are Jhrana kot, Ahala, Majhi, Bagha.


It is nota very big village only about 100 houses are in it and about 900 peoples live in them. All the population of the village is muslim among them all are SUNNY. No non-muslim is there in the village.

Registered voters

The number of registered voters in the village is 500 among them almost half of them are of female voters. Although village is small but at the time of election village splits into three parts. Each group tries to cast votes against each other. At the time of BD elections both males and females cast vote but at National and Provincial Assembly elections only males cast their votes.

Major Castes

Major casts of the village are
1. Gondal
2. Kumhar
3. Machhi                                              
4. Lohaar
5. Mochi
7. Nai

8. Chaddar   

9. Bhirmany

Famous Personalities

Important personalities of the village are as follows:
1.   Saee Muhammad Gondal

2.  Mian Faiz Rasool (Late)

3. Fazal-e-haq Retired Thanydar

4.  Muhammad Ashraf Gondal Vet. doctor

Means Of Earning

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France,Spain, Greece, Itlay, U.K, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.


There are only one mosques in the village.

Schools and Education

Literacy rate of the village is very low.  There is only one Govt.Primary School for Boys and girls.

Highly Qualified Persons

Although the literacy rate is good but only few persons are Master degree holders among them:

·         Dr. Zafar Iqbal Gondal (MS-IT, MBA, Ph.D  H.R in process from U.K) Research in Teaching American institute of Reaserch Washington U.S.A

·         Nazir Ahamad B.A Punjab University

·         Muhammad Ashraf V.A Barani Institute of Live Stock and Dairy Production

·         Mazhir Iqbal Fsc GOVT college Mandi Bahauddin

·         Ghulam Abbas DAE Punjab Technical Board

·         Naseer Ahamad Fsc Mandi Bahauddin

And few females have also done B.A degrees.  

Flora and Fauna

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here.

Domestic animals of the village are

1.      Buffalos (bhainsein)
Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
Sheeps (bhairain)
Goats (bakrian)
Horses (ghoray)
Donkeys (gadhay)
Dogs (kutay)
Cats (Bilian)
Hens (murgean)
Rabbits (khargosh)
Pigeons (kabutar)
 Fishes (in forms)
 Ducks (batkhain)

As the land of the villagers is 1 to 2 Km from the village and it is very much close to RIVER JEHLUM therefore a lot of area is available for wild animals.Wild animals found in the villagers land are:

1.      Jackals (geedarr)
2.      Snakes (saanp)
3.      Pigs (sours)
4.      Wild Cats (jangly billay)
5.      Fishes of many types
6.      Tortoises (kachhway)
7.      Parrots (totay)
8.      Sparrows and Finches (chirian)
9.      Sea Gulls (baglay)
10.Wild Ducks (murgabian)

Village land is very much fertile, availability of water is enough although soil not suitable for GYMNOSPERMS and FERNS but ANGIOSPERMS are very much common in the village which include both ornamental and wild. Important plant of the village are as under:

1.      Acacia species (kikar)
2.      Dalbergia sisso (tahli)
3.      Rosa indica (gulab)
4.      Orange species (maltay aur methhay)
5.      Guava (amrood)
6.      Mangoes (aam)
7.      Gomi (dhraik)
8.      Bamboo (Baance)

Crops of the village

Land of this village is very fertile almost every crop of the world can be grown here.People use peter engins for irrigation purposes. Major crops of the village are

1.      Wheat (gandam)
2.      Rice (chawal)
3.      Corn (mukai)
4.      Potato (aalo)
5.      Barley (jao)
6.      Sugar Cane (kamad)
7.      Sweet Pea (mator)
8.      Chicken Pea (chana)
9.      All Vegetables etc.

Problems of the Village’s People

As the Village is small so basic facilities are absent  No hospital, No Markets,No college for Boys or Girls therefore peoples especially females have to face many difficulties in order to fulfill their daily or occasional necessacities.



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