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Tehsil Malakwal

Pakistani Village Pictures: A small canal and a bridge - Photos of Pakistani Villages

Naseerpur نصیر پور

Naseerpur نصیر پور


Village Naseerpur نصیر پور or Naseer Pur is an Island between the River Jehlum and situated 3 KM far from Malikwal City. Daman-e-Khizar Park is very near to the village. It is included in the Union Council No. 49 of Tehsil Malakwal.


Naseerpur is an historical village because it has been established before the constitution of Pakistan. The history of village is 200 year old. The boundaries of the village have been defined during 1979-1980.

Nearby Villages:

  • East: Burj Sattar
  • West: Malikwal 3 KM
  • North: Lokri Fateh Shah


65 Families, Total 400 people (Including Male & Female)


24 Marraba



Educated Personalities:

  1. Muhammad Ikram S/O Muttalli Khan (M.A. Education)
  2. Muhammad Yar S/O Sher Muhammad(M.A.)
  3. Amjad Farooq S/O Allah Yar(B.A)
  4. Muddassar Abbas S/O Nadir Khan (F.A)

Famous Personalities:

  • Malik Zahoor S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Faiz Ahmed S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Abdul Ghafoor S/O Sher Muhammad
  • Muhammad Yar S/O Sardar Khan

Major Casts:

  • Malik Awan
  • Sipra
  • Langha

Source Of Income:

All the population of the village depends upon Agriculture and most of the people are farmers.


The only way of transportation is personal boats of villagers, because the Village has no by road access to any side.


  • Gulli Danda
  • Cricket
  • Garam Pithoo
  • Bantey



village Miana Gondal mandi bahauddin

Miana Gondal میانہ گوندل

Miana Gondal  میانہ گوندل

Info. by Babar Shahzad Anjum & Mukhtar Ahmad Samore

Location of Village:

Miana Gondal is 50km away from Mandi Bahauddin tehsil and 70 km away from Sargodha District. It is in south-west of city Mandi Bahauddin. In fact it is a hub among many villages. This village is the so-called the Land of Judges

Brief History:

The old name of this village Miana gondal after the establishment of Pakistan (1947).

Nature of the people:

People of the village are very hospitable, friendly, hard working and moderate.


The area of this village is about 320 Muraba.

Neighbor Villages:

Neighbor villages are

  1. Waryait – East
  2. Chak No. 29-North
  3. Chak No. 28 – North
  4. Head faqirain – South west
  5. Mona depot – South west


One main bazaar and Twenty sub bazaars


The total population of this village is round about 30,000 (2008)

  • Male – 45%
  • Female – 40%
  • Children’s – 15%

Major Castes:

  • Samore – 10 %
  • Gujjar- 5 %
  • Jutt – 3 %
  • Malik – 10%
  • Lohar – 10%
  • Muslim Shaikh – 2 %
  • Other – 60%

Source of Income:

Almost 50% population of this village is attached with agriculture sector. Rest 10% work in factories, 20% business, 10% government 10% Private and very few are transporters.


There are 15 mosques in the village and if include all other small mosques then this figure goes upto 4. There are Four Madrassas as well in the village.


There are some govt schools are Three private schools in the village these are

  1. GHS Miana Gondal
  2. GPS Miana Gondal
  3. GGHSS Miana Gondal
  5. AL Saddique public school
  6. Jamaia model middle school
  7. New Age public high school


There is one govt hospital in the union council base MIANA GONDAL. There is one animal hospital in the union council base Miana Gondal,


In the village Television, Radio, Tape Recorder, PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services of all the Telecom companies are present in almost every house. Few homes in the village also possess COMPUTERS in them very rare people use internet.


Village is located on the Main Road. People of the village travel on Buses, Vans from Main Bus Stop or other two stops. They also travel on Riksha for Pahrianwali. Car, Motor Cycles and Cycles are very common in the village which are used to go towards their lands or near by areas.

RHC Miana gondal

Main Personalities:

  1. Abdul Reham Alvi (Ex union Nazim)
  2. Muhammad Iqbal Farroqi (Inspector ASF Islamabad)
  3. Gulzar Ahmad (Civil Jaduje)
  4. Zahoor Elahi  Ranjha (Major Pak Army)
  5. Farooq Ahmad Ranjha  (Anspactor)
  6. Khurram Shahzad Janjhua (Advocate)
  7. Rana Rashid Mahmood (Advocate)
  8. Fazal Ahmad (Headmaster Govt. High School Miana Gondal)
  9. Mukhtar Ahmad Samore ( M.Sc Maths , B.Ed ) Principal & Chief Executive Garrison Grammar High School Mandi Bahauddin
  10. Colonel Dr: Naseer Ahmad Samore

Highly educated personalities:

  • Mushtaq Ahmad Samore (M.Sc Hons Helsinki University Finland settled in Norway)
  • Mishtaq Ahmad Saddique (M.A Arabic)
  • Muhammad Munsha (M.A)
  • Mukhtar Ahmad (M.A)
  • Colonel Dr: Naseer Ahmad Samore

Business related personalities:

  1. Abdul Qudoos Khan
  2.  Abdul Rouf Khan
  3. Ansar Iqbal Anjum
  4. Arshad Iqbal Anium
  5. Muneer Ahmad Bhatti
  6. Asif  Manzoor Bhatti
  7. Arshad Waseem
  8. Nazar Hussain Minhas
  9. Iftikhar Ahmad
  10. Nasar Iqbal
  11. Sana Ullah Bhatti
  12. Nazeem Ahmad
  13. Muhammad Afzal
  14. Sarfraz Ahmad
  15. Nasir Tabusam
  16. Mobashar Ali
  17. Khawaja Muhammad Younas
  18. Khawaja Muhammad Arshad
  19. Asghar Jutt (Hardware)
  20. Riaz (Hardware)
  21. Malik Farooq (Taaj Karyana)
  22. Malik Arshad (Karyana)
  23. Muhammad Shoaib (Painter)
  24. Mushtaq Ahmad (Cloth House)
  25. Haji Ramzan (Guarder and T-R)
  26. Allah Baksh Javed (cloth house)

Well settled people of my village abroad are:

  1. Malik Liquit (America)
  2. Kohbaib Manzoor  Bhatti (America)
  3. Amjad Gujjar (Spain)
  4. Mohsan Shahzad (Saudi Arabia)
  5. Ansar Mehood (Dubai)
  6. Hammad Ashraf Bahatti (Masqat)

Flora and Fauna:

As the area is very productive both animals and plants love to stay here. Domestic animals of the village are

  • Buffalos (bhainsein)
  • Cows and Bulls (gaey aur bael)
  • Sheeps (bhairain)
  • Goats (bakrian)
  • Horses (ghoray)
  • Donkeys (gadhay)
  • Dogs (kutay)
  • Cats (Bilian)
  • Hens (murgean)
  • Rabbits (khargosh)
  • Pigeons (kabutar)
  • Fishes (in forms)
  • Ducks (batkhain)

As the land of the villagers is 1 to 5 Km from the village and it is very much close to LOAIR JEHLUM therefore a lot of area is available for wild animals. Wild animals found in the villagers land are:

  • Jackals (geedarr)
  • Snakes (saanp)
  • Pigs (sours)
  • Wild Cats (jangly billay)
  • Fishes of many types
  • Tortoises (kachhway)
  • Parrots (totay)
  • Sparrows and Finches (chirian)
  • Sea Gulls (baglay)
  • Wild Ducks (murgabian)

Village land is very much fertile, availability of water is enough although soil not suitable for GYMNOSPERMS and FERNS but ANGIOSPERMS are very much common in the village which include both ornamental and wild. Important plant of the village are as under:

  • Acacia species (kikar)
  • Dalbergia sisso (tahli)
  • Rosa indica (gulab)
  • Orange species (maltay aur methhay)
  • Guava (amrood)
  • Mangoes (aam)
  • Gomi (dhraik)
  • Bamboo (Baance).

miana gondal village mandi bahauddin

Main Crops of the Village:

  1. Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Sugar cane


  • Cricket
  • Volley Ball
  • Kabaddi
  • Gulli Danda

May Allah Bless This Village

Information Provided By

  1. Babar Shahzad Anjum
  2. Mukhtar Ahmad Samore

Last Edit: July, 2014

Kolowal Kotehra

KOLOWAL (كولووال)           Info. by Shahid Imran Gondal

Name of My village is KOLOWAL. It has 5 Parts 1. Haso Ana Dera 2. Vada Lok 3. Alhi 4. Bijli Ghar 5. Kothera, It is also called Kolowal Kothera. Alhamdollillah Population is 100% Muslim. It is also called Kalowal Kotehra.

Neighbouring Villages, Towns and Geographical Landmarks

It is situated on Malakwal – Mandi Bahauddin Road. Main Village is about 2-3 Km Malakwal City, But its one Part (Kothera) is very near to Malakwal. Village Shumari is on South East side, Khutiala Khurd is on South West Side, North East Side is Badshahpur, And on West Side of my village is Malakwal City. River Jhelum is about 2 Km away from Kolowal on North Side. 

Social Personalities of the Village

Following are other main social personalities

  • Haji Nazir Ahmed Gondal  (Chairman of Zakat & Ushar Committee).
  • Ch. Ghulam Ali Gondal
  • Ch Ghulam Abbas Gondal (Counselor)
  • Ch. Shan Ali Gondal
  • Shah Khurshid Alam
  • Mohammad Aslam Gondal
  • Syed Mehmood Hussain Shah
  • Hafiz Zafar Iqbal (Imam Masjid Jamia Mosque)
  • Tahir Hussain Shah (Punjab Police)

Another Social personality was Ch. Ata Mohammad Numberdar who passed way on April, 2008. His age was about 90 years.  

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  • Shahid Imran Gondal (Transport Manager in Saudi Binladin Group Saudi Arabia
  • Naveed Iqbal Gondal is working as Director in Islamabad.
  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (Supertendent, Pak P.W.D Islamabad).
  • Safdar Iqbal Gondal (PS to DSP Traffic Islamabad)
  • Syed Najam ul Hassan (Manager Allied Bank, Lahore)
  • Mohammad Akram (Grade 18 officer in HBFC)
  • Muzafar Iqbal Gondal (Chemistry Teacher in G.H School Malakwal)
  • Ali Atif Hassan (LLB, MA English)
  • Jehangir Abbas Gondal (PS to Director NHA Islamabad)

Personalities in Foreign Countries

  • Talat Mushtaq Gondal (Holland)
  • Faisal Usman Gondal (Spain)
  • Shahid Imran Gondal (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
  • Javid Iqbal Gondal (France)
  • Naeem Shahzad Gondal (UK)
  • Omar Gondal/Arshad Gondal/ Naseer Gondal/Tariq Gondal (Jeddah Saudi Arabia)
  • Syed Rashid Shah (Dubai, UAE)
  • Syed Abrar Hussain Shah (South Africa)

Culture of the Village

Culture of my village is almost same like other villages of Punjab. But some people are doing job in Islamabad or Lahore & some are working abroad so you can see a little touch of city life also in life of people. Especially on occasion of marriage.

Schools, Collages & Mosques in the village

There are 4 Mosques in my village, one is Jamia Mosque where Jumma prayer is also offered. There is also one Imam Bargha & 3 Mazars in the village. There are two Government schools one primary school for Boys & one High School for Girls. There is also one private school in the village. Degree college Malakwal is situated very near to my village.

Hospitals , medical stores and shops in the village

The is no any hospital in the village but there are two clinics, & also 5 shops to purchase necessities of life. Village is only 3 km away from Malakwal so mostly people done their shopping in Malakwal.

Main castes:- –

Main Caste of the village is GONDAL, About 78% population of village is Gondal. Main castes & their percentage is as follow.
Gondal ——————————-78%
Syed (Hamdani/Bukhari)———–10%      
Working Castes ———————10%

What is Gondal

Gondal: is one of the main elite Jat clans living in PunjabPakistan. They are believed to have accepted Islam on the inducement of famous Sufi poet Baba Farid and were instructed by him to stay in the area between the Chenab RiverJhelum River which now forms Mandi Bahauddin, and Sargodha District.They are approximately over half a million in population and are mainly living in Mandi Bahauddin,Malakwal, Kolowal, Phalia,(Rerka Bala) (Ajjowal) Kot Momin,Midh RanjhaBhalwal Tehsils Geven Gondal (30km away from Sargodha). The majority is associated with the profession of agriculture but a number of them are also in civil services, such as police, Education and judiciary in Pakistan. Quite a lot of them are also working abroad mainly in the United StatesCanadaSaudi ArabiaItalySpain, France, South Africa and the United Kingdom. It is widely accepted in Punjab that Gondals have amassed great fortunes through their strict tolerance of agricultural expertise. It is therefore not surprising that they are now and always have been regarded as the Elite Senior Jats’ earning the status of Powerful Landlords of Pakistan. Many sources claim that as many as 37% of Pakistan’s Powerful & Secretive Inter-Services Intelligence ISI members of staff come from this clan.

Main crops in the village

Famous crops of village are Wheat & Rice. But now a days some landlords are also cultivating Potatoes (Ch. Javid Gondal is a guy who has completed but instead of doing job he prefer to work on his own land & make experiment to cultivate Potatoes on his land and his experiment was successful and now lot of people are cultivating potatoes also). Other main crops are as follow.
Sugar Can, Cotton, Potatoes, Maize, Tobacco

Media and Communication

By the passage of time communication through Letters is decreased & Phone & Email has taken its place. So main mean of communication in my village is Phone. Through this people can keep in touch with their loved ones in other cities and abroad. TV/ Radio is main media through which people can get news about their beloved country & other world.
Organizations / Group in the village
There is an Yahoo group named as Gondals_Online. This group is created to bring all Gondals on one platform, not only from village Kolowal but of Whole world. Shahid Imran Gondal & Saqib Mushtaq Gondal are Moderators of this group. This group is accessible on following address

Parks & Cannels in the Village

In free time people go on Park near river Jhelum which is on distance of about 2.5 Km from my village named as Daman-e-Khizar Park. There is also a cannel in the village, it irrigate land of village. Its water is not enough so lot of landlords have installed their own Peter Engine to overcome the shortage of water.


Kabaddi, Cricket, Vollyball (Shooting), Kushti




Gohri گوہڑی 

Ghori گوہڑی 

Info. by Lt Cdr Tasawar Iqbal Tungar Pak Navy


”’GOHRI”’ is a small and old village situated on the banks of a small canal meant originally for the forest of DAFFAR. 
The village consists of three main tribes namely ”’TUNGARS”’, ”’CHADHAR”’ and ”’SOHLAY”’. The agriculture land is also divided along the canal bank, north side dominated by SOHLA’s where as Southern side belongs to TUNGAR’s and CHADHAR’s. 
I belong to family of Tajy Kay Tungar’s. My maternal family belongs to Hidayat Kay Tungar’s of same village. So i have in other sense more responsibility towards promoting my village as my whole family history stars from Gohri and ends there as well.
The village is having only a school till primary class. It is in true sense still a backward village that needs a lot in order to be able to catch up with other villages around it. Although overall area enjoys the general neglect by the governement agencies by over and above that GOHRI had been adversly affected by the lack of educational facilities or rather lack of interest of its inhabitents in the education. It is a village that has shown perfect content in the situation prevailing and everone is happy in the same state. However, this happiness is mostly because of the reason of their ignorance than anything else. The young generation has no idea at all as well as no guidance for seeking better future. 
Their local definition of better future is equally black. Most of them think if they will somehow or the other way manage to go abroad, all of their worries will be over.
Few of the people who have been able to make their way up through the preavailing conditions are worth mentioning and I am mentiioning them not for the showing that we, the TUNGAR’s are superior or anything else but just for the sole purpose that one day someone will read it and will be inspired and try to imitate the same and achieve something for himself and his family. The list, offcourse not exhaustive is as follows:


Armed Forces

  • Lt Col Muhammed Asif Tungar Pak Army
  • Ch. Zafar Iqbal Tungar Suprentendant MES Pak Army
  • Lt Cdr Tasawar Iqbal Tungar Pak Navy
  • Capt Rashid Iqbal Tungar Pak Army


Civil Departments

  1. Ch. Safdar Iqbal Tungar Bussiness Man (HSL International School Rawalpindi, Executive New Wah Model Town)
  2. Ch. Ghulam Mujtaba Tungar Executive Dubai Islamic Bank (Sudan)
  3. Ch. Muddassar Iqbal Tungar Punjab Police (Rawalpindi)
  4. Ch. Umar Hayat Tungar Advocate (Rawalpindi)



This was the contribution of my family. If anyone else from Gohri will hit this site, he/she is welcome to add further data.
My e-mail address is if anyone wishes to contact me for asking anything regarding Gohri or MBDin.

Gohar Sharif گوہڑ شریف

Gohar Sharif

 Info Provided By:Ch.Saqib Hussain and Ch.Wilayat sardar Gondal

                                                             GOHAR SHARIF                                               
                                                           this information is about village gohr SHARIF
                                                           Picture Gallery

*gohar sharif is a small village of mandibahauddin district in the punjab province of Pakistan. It is located at 32°30’0N 73°18’0E with an altitude of 218 metres and lies 26 km from 
Mandibahauddin city and 16 km from Malkwal. Gohar sharif is part of ]malkwal] union council.
*The village is very old .people say that there was a british sipahi who wanted to destroy this village but by the mercy of allah and karamat of mian mashkur hussain he was to his back.People say he fired a gu
n(توپ ) to this village but  the gun (gola) return back.there are several buildings built by the Hindus and Sikhs such as Sikhs Hawali and house which is approximately 136 years old and there is one well which was built by the person who was the 1st gondal in this village but now it is demolished by the new generation.
The population of the village consist of about 13000 PEOPLE.
People say there were brother and sister named gohr and goh
ri whom father was sharif they and gohr was settled in a village but the gohri his sister was settled in another village which was later renamed as gohri which was after renamed as gohar sharif.
The cast of the founder was gondal.
The village is divided in to three parts:

*wajir ke
*sharf ke
People have very friendly behaviour.People are very much hospitable,friendly,hardworking,sincere and moderate except few black sheeps vulgarity is a common thing.
The main occupations consist of zarat(agriculture) but most of the people are abroad in uae,UK and Saudi Arabia and European countries.Some people are also in civil service who r working in the post office,railway and armed forces.
گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات
Neighbouring villages consist of:
*Krariwala~south west
*15 chak~north
#It is 27 km south-east of city mandibahauddin.On the south it is bordered by 1 canal and village gohri which is 3 km away.On the south-west it is bordered by thre town krariwala.If u walk 3 kilometers from the village towards north there is a town named 15 chak.In the west it is bordered by misranwal
                                                 SOCIAL PERSONALITIES OF THE VILLAGE 
گاؤں Ú©ÛŒ Ù?لاعی شخصيات 
– Ch  muhammad  walait  Gondal.
-(late)Choudry sardar khan Gondal.
-Choudry mehdi khan Gondal.
-Choudry muhammad ashraf Gondal(u.a.e).
Choudry munawar hussain Gondal(u.a.e).
-Choudry    riaz     ahmad  Gondal (u.k).
-Choudry   usman   ashraf  Gondal.
-Ch riaz bashir.
-syed munawar shah.
                           ::Culture of the village::
Normally people of this village live a simple life but as people went abroad they became moderate and now the village is 
moderate by having cars, motorcycles and other important facilities.The culture of the village is however now changed like a city but there are few old people (buzurg) who keep telling about the importance of the culture of the village.By their this effort the culture is saved by the young generation.
There are three schools in the village named as:
Govt boys primary school
-Govt girls primary school
Arshad   public   school.
-There is only one madrasa in the village.
-There are four mosques in the village.

There are only three clinics in the village:
Dr Arshad clinic
-Dr munawar shah clinic
-Dr zafar clinic
گاؤں Ú©ÛŒ اÛ?Ù… Ø°Ø§ØªÙŠÚº
گاؤں Ú©ÛŒ اÛ?Ù… Ù?صليں


In the village Television, Radio, Tape Recorder, PTCL Phones and Mobile Phones with services of all the Telecom companies are present in almost every house. Few homes in the village also possess COMPUTERS in them very LESS people use internet.

                                                    MAIN HOTELS AND RESTAURANTS

There are no restaurant in this village but there are many fresh points such as fresh juice points.and there are many journal stores in the village.there are some guest houses in the village.


Dara is a Punjabi word which mean the place where the barat or a lot of people can sit together in time of decision etc.In our village there are many daraz.Each braudry has its Dara.In our village there are five daraz such AS:: 

Gajgana Dara

Walait ka dara

wajir ka Dara

-Shrf ka Dara
Shabl ka Dara
There are three mazars popular in the village:>
Pir Ahmad Shah Sahb
Pir Abdul Ghani Shah Sahb
Mian Muhammad Shakoor Sahb
Gohar sharif is also famous for its holy shrines like pir ahmad shah sahb who was the great wali of allahAnother one is pir abdul ghani shah who was the brother of ahmad shah sahb.Mian muhammad shakoor was also the great wali of allah.At first he was known by the people as an ordinary man but as he ride a wall like a horse in front of approximately 34 people in a barat (marriage procession).Whom my great-grand father have seen doing this.
There is only one welfare organization in the village:markzay sahet behboday abadi.
There are many hobbies of the young ones of the village like swimming in the canal etc.
The popular sports of the village are:
and sometime hockey.
-There is no rain water removing system in the village.
-The girls cannot have their education freely.
This is another main problem faced by students especially by Girls as there is no institute after metric so the girls have to face great hurdle in their career so most of them stop their education because villagers does not allow their girls to go away from their homes.
Difference of JUTTS and other castes can be reduced by educating people and creating awareness of our religion.
Transportation is by means of cars,taxis and buses.Gohar was also famous for his buses.No village have 10 or 15 buses of its own.

                                                                      I WILL PROVIDE THE IMAGES AFTERWARDS. (PLZ)

Pakistani Village Life: Villagers making 'Gur' (Raw sugar) from the sugarcane juice - Photos of Pakistani Villages, Pictures of Pakitani Villages

Faqirian فقیریاں

Faqirian فقیریاں

By Muhammad Sufyan


Faqirian فقیریاں village is in Tehsil Malakwal. It is 54 KM from Mandi-Bahuddin city towards South at the boundary of M.B.DIN with Sargodha and 40 KM from Malakwal towards South. It is a big Town in its nears.


The Population of this village is nearly 35,000 and it is 70 years old village.

Literacy Rate:

The Literacy rate of the village is average.

It has a Govt. P/S for Boys Since 1977, Middle School for Girls and Community Primary School for Girls. There is also working a private School for the betterment of the Society in my Village. Ghazali Model School. Faqirian is Cultivated Area. The most Population of village is Agriculturist. Some are working in the Government Services, and a number of People are working abroad.

Neighboring Villages:

Miana Gondal (East)

Dhori Sargodha (West)

Remount Mona Depot (North)

Chak No 1 SGD (South)

Social Personalities:

  1. Haji Ahmad Khan Gondal
  2. Haji Abdullah Khan Gondal
  3. Hayat Ahmad Khan Gondal (Chairman).
  4. Nazir Ahmad Gondal
  5. Allah Bakhash Gondal (Lambardar).
  6. Muhammad Khan Ranjha
  7. Malik Hayat Awan
  8. Muhammad Khalid Gondal
  9. Muhammad Akram Gondal

Highly Qualified Personalities:

  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (session judge of anti-terrorism in Bhawalpur)
  • Aqeel Aslam Gondal (MBBS, specialist in physiotherapy in NIH ISLD)
  • Zia Ullah Gondal (Professor of English, Brani University Rawalpindi)
  • Ahmad Bakhash Gondal (Head Master in P/S Faqirian)
  • Muhammad Sufyan Gondal (M.A.LLB Shariah & Law)
  • Mushtaq Ahmed Gondal (SI Punjab Police, M.B.Din)
  • Muhammad Yaqoob (Medical officer in DHQ)
  • Muhammad Amir Ranjah (Civil engineer)
  • Mulana Muhammad Aslam Gondal (M.A Arabic, Diploma in Usual e Din from Riaz University Saudi Arabia Noman Akram Gondal (M.Sc. History from Qaid e Azam University Islamabad & LLB from BHU Multan)
  • Muhammad Tariq Gondal (Arabic Fazal from Jamih Arabia Gujranwala)
  • Muhammad Rehan Gondal (MBA, IIUI)
  • Shaid Rizwan Waddan (LLB)
  • Aftab Ahamd Gondal (M fill In History)
  • Qari Munir Ahmad Gondal (M.A uslu Din)

Schools, Mosques and Madras:

  • One Govt P/S for Boys
  • One Middle School for Girls
  • One Govt community P/S for Girls
  • One Private School
  • Two Jamiah Masques
  • Three Madrisa’s (Two for boys and one for girls).

Photos of Pakistani villages - Wheat crop is ripe

Medical stores and shops in the village

  • Ali Usman Medical store (proprietor Dr. Maher Muhammad Nawaz)
  • 10 small shops & two big shops

Main castes

  • Gondal
  • Ranjha
  • Awan
  • Tarar
  • Mahar

Main crops and fruits:

  1. Wheat
  2. Cotton
  3. Rice
  4. Sugar Cane
  5. Tobacco
  6. Orange
  7. Guava


Baba kanno shah

Welfare Organizations:

Society for  welfare al Quran

Free time & Hobby

Two branches canals from Lower Jhelum Canal. Walking on the benches of these canals in free time and catching fish is the hobby of people of villagers





Guli danda

May Allah Bless This Village (AAMEEN)

Information provided by

Muhammad Sufyan, Rehan, Kamran & Arslan Gondal

Chak No. 26 چک نمبر ۲۶

Chak No. 26

Info. by M. Irfan Shabbir

Location of Village:

Chak No. 26 is 38 km away from Mandi Bahauddin and 78 km away from Sargodha. It is in south-west of city Mandi Bahauddin. In fact it is a hub among many villages.

Brief History:

The old name of this village was Gavend Pura after the establishment of Pakistan (1947) the name was changed as Chak No. 26 Islamabad.

Nature of the people:

 People of the village are very hospitable, friendly, hard working and moderate.


Total Area of this village is about 65 Muraba

Neighbor Villages:

Neighbor villages are

Barmusa                         East   

Chak No. 27                   North

Chak No. 28                   North

Shadiwal                         South west

Warryaat                          South west


One main bazaar and eighteen sub bazaars


The total population of this village is round about 7500 (2008)

Male                          35%

Female                       45%

Children’s                    20%

Major Castes:

Rajpoot                          90 %

Gujjar                            5 %

Jutt                                3 %

Others                           2 %

Source of Income:

Almost 90 % population of this village is attached with agriculture sector. Rest 10 % work in factories, business, government and very few are transporters.


There are two mosques in the village and if include all other small mosques then this figure goes upto 4. There are two Madrassas as well in the village.


There are two govt schools are three private schools.

  1. GGHS Chak No. 26
  2. GHS Chak o. 26

1] AL-Sufa public high school

2] AL-Khalid public middle school

3] AL-Fahad public middle school


There is one govt hospital in the union council base WARAYAT, it is situated in the west of the village.

Way of living

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life.Young boys play Cricket, Volly Ball or play cards in their extra time. Peoples of the village remains careful about fight and misbehavior because if any body do a little mistake other party persons quickly report to the police at THANA MIANA GONDAL.

Main Personalities:

    • Rana Amjad ail ( Ex member District council )
    • Rana Rashid Mehmood (PS to Project Director SLTS) in Karachi Shipyard & Engineering work………….Retired from Pak Navy.
    • Rana Aquib (Major Pak Army)
    • Rana samar (Foreign Ministry)
    • Rana qadeer (Ex chairman wapada)
    • Faqir Muhammad Gujjar (Ex. Headmaster Govt. High School Chak. No. 26)
  • Muhammad Asim Rana…Audit Officer, Regional Tax Office (RTO),  (FBR) Islamabad 

Highly educated personalities:

    1. Rana muhammad shabbir(M.A)
    1. Rana Zahid hameed(M.A)
    1. Rana Sajad ahmed(M.A)
    1. Raheel Akther bhatti(M.A English)
    1. Ch muhammad saleem gujjar(M.A eco)
    1. Rana Qamar zaman(
    1. Muhammad Nazir minhas(M.A Urdu)
  1. Jahangir Gujjar M.Sc. (hons.) Agriculture University Faisalabad. 

Business related personalities:

    1. Rana Adnan shabbir
    1. Rana Imtiaz Ul Haq
    1. Rana Babar
    1. Rana Kashif
    1. Rana Pervaiz
    1. Rana Aslam
    1. Rana Ashan ul Haq bapare
    1. Ch. Kushi muhammad Gujjar
    1. Rana sakhawat
  1. Malik masson

Well settled people of my village abroad are:

    • Rana saddat (America)
    • Rana khaursheed (America)
    • Amjad Gujjar(spain)
    • Rana Akmal  (Dubai)
    • Rana Zahid (Dubai)
  • Zaheer Bhatti (Dubai)

Past Famous Personalities of the Village:

    • Rana sultan ahmed
    • Rana Abdul hameed
    • Rana Anwar Ul haq
    • Rana Muhammad iqbal
    • Rana Natho khan
    • Ch Sahaab Ul din Gujjar
  • Rana Glam muhammad(safaad posh)

Main Crops of the Village:

    1. Wheat
    1. Rice
  1. Sugar cane


    • Cricket
    • Volley Ball
  • kabadi

Chakk No:26

Info Provided By: Rana Adnan ul Haq

Registered voters      

The number of registered voters in the village is 1500 among them almost half of them are of female voters. Although village is small but at the time of election village splits into three parts. Each group tries to cast votes against each other.

Major Castes

Major casts of the village are

1. RAJPOOT           90%

2. JUTT                    5 %

3. GUJJAR               4%

4. OTHERS              1% 

Important Bradaries

Famous Clans of the village are:





Famous Personalities 










And among new generation

#   RANA ADNAN UL HAQ(STUDENT OF M.B.B.S)                                                                                                #L.T IMTNAN AKBAR (L.T ARMY)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Means Of Earning

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services and among them most are in WAPDA and ARMY. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France,Spain, Greece, Itlay, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.

Way of living                 

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life.Young boys play Cricket,Volly Ball or play cards in their extra time. Peoples of the village remains careful about fight and misbehavior because if any body do a little mistake other party persons quickly report to the police at THANA MIANA GONDAL

Bazars And Markets


Mosques          .



Schools and Education

There is one govt high school for boys and one govt high shool  for girls. .But there are four private schools in the village these are

1] AL-Sufa public high school

2] AL-Khalid public middle school

3] AL-Fahad public model high school

Highly Qualified Persons                

Rana muhammad shabbir(M.A)

Rana Zahid hameed(M.A)

Rana Sajad ahmed(M.A)


Ch muhammad saleem gujjar(M.A eco)


Muhammad Nazir minhas(M.A Urdu)

















Ajjowal اجووال

Ajjowal اجووال

Ajjowal is a small village of distt M.B.Din. It is situated on Khutiala road. Almost 27 km from city MBDin and 14 km from tehsil Malakwal. The union Council of Ajjowal is Wara Alam Shah. The total land of this village is 80 Murabas (2000 Acres)

The main castes in Ajjowal are Jatt Gondal followed by Ranjha and Syed. Main source of income of people is agriculture followed by foreign remittances sent by people who are working in EU, Uk and Middle Eastern countries.

There is famous horse rider of distt. M.B.Din in this village called Syed Ashiq Hussain Shah.

Ch. Mukhtar ahmad Gondal who has never lost the election in his political career. He is one of the most famous personality in the Area.

Mazhar Iqbal Gondal DC incom tax, now he works as a section officer in ministry of finance, because of his honesty and popularity, finance minister Hina Rabbani Khar herself invited him to work in ministry of finance for 3 year.  

Main Crops

  1. Wheat
  2. Rice
  3. Sugar Cane

Nearest Villages 

  1. Wara alam shah
  2. Gohar sharif
  3. Misranwala
  4. 18 Chak(hakim ma wala)
  5. Shumhari

 Schools in the Village 

  • Govt.boys  primary school
  • Govt. girls primary school
  • Sir syed public high school
  • Raza public high school at gohar road. 

Main Castes                         

  • Gondal
  • Ranjah

Social Personalities of the Village  

  • Ch.Mukhtar Ahmad Gondal
  • Haji Nazir Ahamd Gondal
  • Tariq Mehmood Gondal(business man)
  • Sarfraz Ahmad Gondal
  • syed mukhtar hussain shah (x president anjuman fiqah-e-jafriya Toronto canada)
  • Syed Ashiq Hussain Shah

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

This village is famous for its large number of Advocates

  1. Late Syed Sajjad Hussain Shah (Provincial education director of Punjab)
  2. Syed Iftikhar hussain Shah (Income Tax officer
  3. Mazhar iqbal Gondal(Deputy Comissinor in Incom Tax )
  4. Shafqat Hussain Shah in Islamabad Police
  5. Khurram Mukhtar Gondal (MA in Economics)
  6. Lt. Asim
  7. Ch. Faiz Ahmed Advocate
  8. Gulam Rasul Advocate
  9. Syed Ijaz Hussain Shah Managing director ALIGO (AIG)
  10. syed aqeel abbas bukhari CSS qualified
  11. shahid nazeer gondal LLB qualified
  12. ANAYAT GONDAL Civil Judge

There are many people from this village living abroad. Some of them are

  • SYED ALLAMDAR HUSSAIN SHAH (famous noha khan in toronto)
  • Syed Mukhtar hussain shah (x president anjuman fiqah-e-jafriya Toronto canada)
  • Ch. Zafar iqbal gondal UK

Bosaal Masoor

Village Name: Bosaal Masoor

Information Provided by: Adnan Anjum

E-Mail Address:

Contact No. 03454978982



Sargodha Road Gojra Kay Sath Waqiya hai.

Intzami Hawaly se Bosaal Masoor UC Gojra Ky Under Ata Hy

Nearest Village:

  1. Sukha
  2. Nain Ranjha
  3. Gojra



  1. Govt. Middle School for girls

Famous Personalities of village:

  • Syed Raza Abbas
  • Sir Ashraf Sahab
  • Muhammad Akbar Saryana
  • Nadar Khan




Minhaj Welfare Foundation


Main Cast of Village:

  •  Gondal
  • Saryana
  • Lak
  • Kumhar
  • Mochi
  • Tarkhan
  • Merasi
  • Muslam Shaik
  • Bharai
  • Tarkhan
  • Pathan

Main Problems of village:

Kuch Galian Kachi Hen Or Nalion Ka Behtar Nizam Nhi Hy Larkion Ky High School Ki Zarorat Hy. Hospital Men Dawaion or Staff Ki Qilat Hy is Ky elawa Nojwan Nasal Berozgar Hy jo Keh Sab Sy Bada Masla Hy

Barmusa بارموسیٰ

Information provided by Faisal Gondal
 Barmusa is famous and historical village of Gondal bar in district mandi Bahauddin.barmusa is itself union council and its population is neat about fifteen  thousand. It is situated at Sargodha road  and  It is for away 30 KM from district hq and 25 KM form motorway Salam interchange.  Barmusa is educated village of district and people is serving in Police, Food, Education, Bank, Army, civil service, judiciary and as Lawyers. Rizwan Umer Gondal who passed CSS exam with first position and now serving as ASP Islamabad. Barmusa is land of citrus. 
Educated and famous people 
Ch Muhammad Nazir Gondal Agarka 
Ch Bashir Ahmad Gondal Agarka 
Ch Shukhat Hayat Gondal Agarka 
Ch Muhammad Nawaz Gondal Advocate 
Ch Muhammad Yar Gondal
(R) Officer HBL 
Ch Muhammad Iqbal Gondal 
Advocate. Ex president DBA
Ch Nawaz Gondal Agarka 
Director PESSI Lahore 
Faisal Shahzad Gondal Agarka 
Advocate High Court
Adnan Saleh Gondal Agarka 
Advocate high court
Tamour Hassan Gondal Agarka CSP
Hamid mukhtar Gondal (R) DIG
Saleem Mukhtar Gondal Rajaka 
Iftakhar sultan Gondal Rajaka 
Rizwan Umer Gondal ASP
Akhtar Umer Gondal Laleka DIG 
Fakher Umer Gondal Laleka 
Sikander Gondal Genral secretary
PMLN Distt M B Din
Near village
Chak no 26