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Sohawa Bolani سوہاوہ بولانی

Sohawa Bolani سوہاوہ بولانی Information provided by: Arbab Gondal Melborne Australia               Sohawa is one of the major towns of District Mandi Bahauddin. It is situated on the Phalia Road, almost 3 Kilometers out of the city of City Mandi Bahauddin. It basically consists of three villages Sohawa Bolani, Sohawa Jamlani and Sohawa Dilloana and is

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Sohawa Jumlani سوہاوہ جملانی

Sohawa Jamlani سوہاوہ جملانی Information provided by: Arbab Gondal Melborne Australia سوہاوہ گاؤں منڈی بہاؤ الدین کے تمام گاؤں ہی تاریخ میں اپنا نام رکھتے ہیں اور جنگی ادوار میں یہاں کے لوگوں نے دشمن کی افواج کا ڈٹ کر مقابلہ کیا، سوہاوہ بنیادی طور پر تین گاؤں پر مشتمل منڈی بہاوالدین کا سب بڑا گاؤں ہے، سوہاوہ جملانی جمال کے نام سے منسوب اور جمال کی اولاد

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Warra Balian واڑہ بالیاں

Warra Balian واڑہ بالیاں Info provider:Mozzam Riaz Locations Village Warah Baliyan is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. its away from District Mandi Bahauddin upto 12 KM. Neighbouring Villages Neighbouring villages of Warah Baliyan are Samun Pur, Lokri, Shahan Lok, Rasool, etc... Population It isa very big village only about 800 houses are in it and about

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Sahna ساہنا

Sahna ساہنا Sahna is a village in Tehsil M.B.Din. It is 14 KM from Mandi-bahuddin towards West. The name of the village was given after the person Sahana who settled this village. They were two brothers and one Sister. The names of brothers were Sahana und Khanana and name of Sister was Cheemoo. Now  there are three villages (Sahana, Khanana and Cheemoo) at

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Sohawa Dilloana سوہاوہ دلوآنہ

   Sohawa Dilowana سوہاوہ دلوآنہ  Info provider: Zeeshan Tarar Sohawa dilowana is a very famous village of Distt. mandi bahuddin and near the distt. mandi bahudin & Distt. complex . The people of this village is very hard working & hospitable More people out of the country UK, UAE, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, K.S.A etc. This village which is house

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Munshi Mohallah

Munshi Mohallah Info provided by : M. Qaisar Shahzad (Bechlor of Mass Comunication) And Waseem. Locations Munshi Muhalla is located in Mandi Bahauddin City. Neighbouring Muhallas Neighbouring Muhallas of Munshi Muhalla are Arshad Town, School Muhalla, M.B.Din City etc. Population It is a very big Muhalla and 5000 houses are in it and about 20000 peoples live

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Sufipura صوفی پورہ

Sufi Pura Mandi Baha ud Din صوفی پورہ منڈی بہاوالدین                                   Info. IMRAN ALI (BA -LLB)Amsterdam, HOLLAND Mandi baha ud din is newly emerging and developing city of province Punjab.although it is not a bigger city as compared to other cities of Pakistan  yet it is going towards prosperity and progress with full potential Mandi Baha

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Village Name:

Kharlanwala Info Provided by: Asjid Mehmood Kharal E-Mail Address: Contact No.


A Little Introduction: Rasool Road Kot Shamali Kharlanwalh Tehsil o Zillah Mandi Bahauddin

Famous Personalities of the village: Ch. Asjid Kharal Ch. Mohsin Kharal Ch.

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Dhok Murad

Village Name: Dhok Murad (M.B.Din) Info Provided By: Mazhar Iqbal E-Mail Address: Contact No. 03378629733   Main Castes of the village: Gondal Kadhar Kokhar   Nearest Village: Dhok Kasib Dhok Nawan Lok Tebi Malowal Dera rmtna   Main Problems of the village: Village Dhok Murad needed Girls Elementary school

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