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Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin

Dhok Kasib

Dhok Kasib Dhok Kasab is situated in district Mandi Baha-ud-Din in Punjab province of Pakistan. Its geographical coordinates are 32° 34' 0" North, 73° 38' 0" East. Dhok kasab is also called “Wadda Lok"

(Big Village) in nearby areas. The founder of the village was “Kasab"one of the elders of Sahi`s. This is the largest village of area known

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Dhok Nawan Lok

Dhoke Nawan Loke Dhoke Nawan Loke is a town in the Punjab. It lies 10 Km east of Mandi Bahauddin, 0.5 Km north of Dhok Kasib and has 80% literacy rate. Historicaly it is famous because of ancient ruins of old civilization on Tiba ( No archialogical servay have been done but it is thousands of years old village ruins). Some people from this village

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Dhok Jori

Info Provided By Nasir Farooq Najmi. Locations Village Dhok Jori

is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from Mandi Bahauddin City upto 16 KM towards east and 20

KM from Phalia City towards north. . Area of the Village Total area of the village is about 1700 acres. History Village Dhok Jori

is after the name of two

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Info Provide By :Ihsan Ullah(Soft Ware Engineer) & Nawaz Gondal

Village Hassan Locations: Village Hassan is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from District Mandi Bahauddin upto 18 KM 6 KM from RIVER JEHLUM. Area of the Village: Total area of the village is about 48 squares that is about 1300 acres in which no

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Kakuwal.............................................................Info:Zahid Gondal

Location: Kakuwal is in m b din. It is sittuated on Sargodha road about 7 km from

Disst M B Din. Population of Village: Population of Kakuwal is 1100. Source of people of village: Agriculter 80% People in

Civil service: Avocate Teacher

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Mohabat Pur محبت پور

Mohabat Pur Khewa محبت پور کھیوہ Info. by Aazar Kurrar Location: It is located Village mubht pur is located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It can be reached by moving along the side of LOWER JEHLUM Canal from Rasul Barrage to Sargodha. It is away from District Mandi Bahauddin upto 8 KM and 21 KM from Tehsil Malakwal and 4 KM from RIVER JEHLUM towards south and

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Makkewal مکے وال

Makkewal مکیوال Makkewal is one of the major village of Disst MBDin. village makkewal is 17km away from MBD city and 9 km from tehsil phalia. main cast in the makkewal is Ranjha and then Gondal. Social Personalities of the Village  Ch.Shahzad Akhtar Ranjha Advocate (ex chairman UC Mekkewal Ch.Zulfiqar Ahmad Ranjha Vice Nazam Of UC KHutiala Sheikan

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Rattowall رتووال

RATTOWALL رتووال Info Provider by Zohaib Ashraf Ranjha (I.Com)  Picture gallery of Rattowal Location:                 Village Rattowal located in District Mandi Bahauddin. It is away from Mandi up to 18 km. Our Tehsil and District is Mandi Bahauudin. Our village is away up to 4km from Kadher pull. Most of the population of our village lived in

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