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Tehsil Mandi Bahauddin

Chak Dwaka

Chak Dwaka

info provided by Riasat Ali



My village is situated to the north west of mandi bahauddin city on the bank of river Jehlum. It is a one of the oldest village of the surroundings.It has been the center of socio-economic activities of Hindu and Sikhs before the partition of Subcontinent.There were some historical buildings including a Mosque , Mander and Shamshan Ghat  which ware destroyed in 92 by flood.
گاؤں کی مشہور اور ی تعليم يافتہ شخصيات

Late Chaudhry Bati Khan Anand was well reputed person of his time. Now his cousin Chaudhry Ahmed Yar Anand Lumberdar is the Most prominent figure & his son Riasat Ali Anand is an ASI in Punjab Police.

گاوں کی اہم ذاتیں،گاوں کی اہم فصلیں یا کوئی اور اہم چیز:
Jut Anand, Kurar, Gondal,Sipra, Jut Mangat are the costs of jut Bradri. others are Lohar, Tirkhan, Kumhar and Muslim Sheikh etc. Anands are the most in numbers and are playing leading role.
گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات:
Chak Dwarka is in Union Council Ahla. Towards east Ditto Chuhr, Khiwa. In west is Jhrana Kot and Majhi. In north river Jehlum and to the south is Lower Jehlum Canal.
 گاوں کے مسائل اور ضروریات:
Illeteracy,Sanitation & Sewerage and Poverty are the major problems.

Chak Basawa چک بساوا

Chak Basawa چک بساوا


This village was settled by Wasawa Tarar. They were 5 sons of Lala Tarar. Now village settled by Lala Tarar is called Lale di Pindi and its about 10 Km from Chak Basawa. 3 sons of Lala Tarar called Wasawa , Mitta and Allah Bakhash settled in Chak Basawa and 2 sons of Lala Tarar Settled in Lale di Pindi.

People and Aerial View of Chak Basawa

Videos of the Village

LOVE YOU CHAK BASAWA Mandi bahauddin، میرا پیارا پینڈ چک بساوا

Mera Pind CHAK BASAWA , Mandi-bahauddin, Punjab, Pakistan

My beloved People میرے پینڈ دے لوکی میرے دلِ دے جانی۔ ساری دنیا وچ جنہاں دا کوئی نہیوں ثانی 

General Information

Chak Basawa is situated about 10 kilometers in the east of city Mandi-bahauddin. Village Dhok Daud is in the east, Lakhnawala in north, Aadhi Sharif in south and Chak No. 2 in the west of my village. The main railway station is about 5km in the north , called Lakhnawala railway station. There are more parts of this village along with main big village, now many families of this village live on Deras near to their land. Here are main Deras of Chak Basawa

1. Dera Mera

6. Dera Subhiana

11. Lokari Muajjaran di

2.Dera Jalal Ka

7. Bahaderianwali

12. Hujjunaan da Dera

3. Rashian da dera

8. Dera Warriachaan da

13. Dera Diloana

4. Khunjar ka dera

9. Bara Darri

14. Dera Dhudranwan da

5. Dera Tiba

10. Lokari

15. Dera Sandrana

16. Dera Shahana

The population of my village is about 10 thousand people.Tarar, Warraich, Ranjah, Hujjan, Gondal, Aheer (Jatt), Dhothar, Dhudra, Bajwa, Syed (Kazmi), Cheema, Gujar Rajpoot, Alvi etc are main families in village. In the south and west of my village are two big canals. The people of the village are very nice and peaceful. There is very famous shrine of Pir Gujeh shah in our village. Every year there is very big milla on this shrine where a lot people of village as well as from sorrounding areas take part.

Many people are living in abroad to earn money and support their familes in their village.

Schools and Colleges

There is one Govt middle school for boys and one for girls.

Welfare Society

Chak Basawa Social Welfare Society

Main Crops



Sugar Cane


Nearest Villages | گاؤں کے قريبیديھات






Rakh Balouch

Dhok Daud

Chak. 2 (S/N)

Main Castes | گاؤں کیاہم ذاتيں

Tarar (40 %) Hujjan ( 15 %) Gondal (2 %) Others (16%)
Warraich (20 %) Ranjah (5 %) Gujar (2 %)

Social Personalities of the Village | گاؤں کی فلاعی شخصيات

Main Village

Dera jalal ka

Haji Muhammad Nawaz Tarar

Baati s/o Haider Tarar

Bashir Ahmed s/o Shah Muhammad Hujjan

Ghulam Gaus Tarar

M. Anwar s/o Ghulam Haider Tarar

Ali Bahauddar Tarar

Nawaz s/o Jahan Khan Tarar

Khalid s/o Ali Tarar

Sai s/o Mahla  Tarar


Arshad s/o Hussain Tarar

Manzoor s/o Jalal Gondal Katal ka

Mah Bakhish s/o Sahi Warraich

Mehdi s/o M. Sher Ranjha

Dera Mera

Nawaz s/o Ahmed Ranjha

M.Sharif s/o Hussain Tarar (ex.chairman UC)

Dera Warraichaan da

Ahmed s/o Khushi Muhammad Tarar

Haider s/o Bhawal Warraich

Ahsan s/o Baqri Tarar

Anayat s/o M. Ali Warraich

Tayyab s/o Saleh Tarar

Zafar s/o Sharif Warraich

Jahan s/o Rehmat Warraich

Dera Rashian da

Dera Hujjana da

Haider s/o Khan Muhammad Warraich

Saleh s/o Ahmed Khan Hujjan

Dera Khunjar ka

Faiz Ahmed s/o Mirza Hujjan

Qadir s/o Shah Muhammad Tarar

Dera Diloana

Bashir s/o Ghulam Rasul Tarar

Saleh Gondal Diloana

Dera Tibba

Dera Dudhranwan da

Akbar s/o Saleh Tarar

Asghar s/o Ali M. Dudhra

Iqbal s/o Malak Tarar

Dera Subhiana

Hussain s/o Ghulam Hujjan

Noor s/o M. Hayyat Gondal

Sharif s/o Phalwan Hujjan

Azam s/o Mirza Tarar

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village:

  • Bashir Ahmed s/o Shah Muhammad Hujjan manager Zarai taraqiati bank Ltd Malakwal
  • Nazir Ahmed s/o Shah Muhammad Hujjan Head Master Sir Syed High school M.B.Din
  • M.Sc. Electrical Engr. Qamar Tarar (1st position in distt m.b.din in F.Sc.)
  • Ahmed Khan Dharkanian-da, B.Sc Engineer
  • M.A English Parvaiz Akhtar Tarar (Gold Medalist)
  • Faisal Shahzad Tarar BCS. Hons.
  • Saif-ullah  s/o Sher Muhammad Tarar Adovacate
  • Tasawar s/o Ghulam Haider Warraich Adovacate
  • Qaiser Shahzad Tarar s/o Haji Ghulam Ghous
  • Muqassar Hussain D.A.E Civil Engineer

Parks and Canals  گاؤں کے قريبی پارک آورنھريں

This village is surrounded with two big canals , one in south and one west of the village called RQ-Link. There are also some small canals all around the village. There is a beautiful Park at the adjacent of 3 Canals

Also a lot of natural scenary around the village.


Pakistani Village Pictures: A small canal and a bridge - Photos of Pakistani Villages



Info. by Akhtar Rasool Gondal Thru  Tasawar Mushtaq (Sahib) Gondal – KSA


It is approximately 16 km southeast of the city of Mandi Bahuddin. Bohat is located at the bank of RQ link Canal.

Geographical Setup:

East side is Pindi Lala and village Mangat is in the west, Aadhi Sharif and Chorund are in the north and Maken in the south of Bohat. The village is divided into two parts Hardo Bohat and Rakh Bohat included dera kathana.

Brief History:

Bohat is name of one famous personality of Gondal Bar area, he was granted a big area by British officer due to his very good hospitality.

Neighbouring Villages:

Neighbouring villages of Bohat are Mangat, Ahdi, Chorund, Jasik, Qilla Atar Singh,Lala Pindi, Peer Bullah, Maken, Ladher, Dhoal Ranja etc.


The population of Bohat including sub village herdu bhohat is about 10.5 thousand peoples.

  • Gondal
  • Gujjar
  • Lillah
  • Ranjah
  • Sayyed
  • adhlane

and all helping castes are living in village.

Registered voters:

The number of registered voters in the village is 7833 among them almost half of them are of female voters. Although village is small but at the time of election village splits into three parts. Each group tries to cast votes against each other.

Castes Major Bradaries 
Major casts of the village are:

  • LILY

The big caste of the village is GONDAL Famous Clans of the village are:

  1. CHANAN Key
  2. BOLE
  3. NAMAJI Key
  5. ALI Khushi Key
  6. Gamey key
  7. MAJE Key
  8. ALAM Key
  9. LILY
  10. IKYANY
  11. CHANO U
  12. WASU JED Key
  14. Mutali ke

Personalities of The Village:

Important personalities of the village are

  1. Chaudhary Nazeer Ahmad Boola Ex. Nazim
  2. Haji Muhammad Iqbal Gondal
  3. Ch Nazar Mohammad GondaL Chanan Ka
  4. Chaudhary Aslam Chanan Ka
  5. Ch Gulam Rasool Chanan ka(late)
  6. Haji Abass ahmad (namaji ke)
  7. Faiz ahmad (namji ke)
  8. Ch Mushtaq Ahmad Gondal
  9. Sayyed Bashir Hussain Shah
  10. Raiz ahmad (namji ke)
  11. Omar Hyat gondal
  12. Late Mian Razzak Ahmed Ranjha
  13. ushtaq Ahmad Gondal” Chanan Ka
  14. Mukhtar Ahmad Gondal “France”
  15. Shahid Iqbql Gondal (UK England)
  16. Chaudhary Rasheed Ahmed Gondal
  17. Chaudhary Qamar Abbas Gondal
  18. Late Ali Saalim
  19. Qaisar Abbas – Naib Nazim
  20. Chaudhary Arif Gujjar – Member UC
  21. Haji Salhoon Gondal(LATE)
  22. Ch mohd Ali sakandar ka
  23. Master Mahdi gujjar
  24. Dost mohmmad (dira shane ka)


And among new generation

  1. Tahir Iqbal Gondal
  2. shraf Aslam gondal
  3. Tasadaq Mushtaq Gondal
  4. Arshad ullah gondal
  5. Qamir Abbas gondal
  6. Shahid iqbal gondal
  7. Farkh abbas fari
  8. Imran nazir bola
  9. Yasir noor bola
  10. Tasleem abbas
  11. Lovely
  12. Tariq mehmood
  13. Nasir ahmad
  14. Azhar iqbal
  15. Shawaz iqbal shazi
  16. Tasawr lila
  17. Sohail iqbal
  18. Haji Khalid
  19. ahil yar gondal
  20. Kanwal mukhtar gonda
  21. Lahrasab aslam gondal
  22. Zaheer mukhtar gondal
  23. Amjid iqbal lila
  24. Raof iqbal gondal
  25. Hafiz naveed ranjah
  26. Ch Atif Gujjar
  27. Shawaz iqbal gondal
  28. Dr mazhar
  29. Imtaiz rafiq
  30. Mudassar Iqbal Gondal
  31. Shahid omar Gondal
  32. Tasawar Mushtaq Gondal (Warehouse Supervisor Saudi Binladin )


Means Of Earning

Majority of the peoples earn their livelihood through agriculture. Few peoples are in Government services and among them most are in ARMY. Now there is trend among the youth to go abroad that’s why many peoples of the village are found in France, England ,Spain, Greece, Italy, Kuwait, Saudi-Arabia, Dubai, Muscat etc. in search of their earning.

Village Beauty-Way of living:

Peoples of the village live a simple life. They have very friendly behavior. Peoples are very much hostile, peaceful and sincere. Except few black sheeps vulgarity is an uncommon thing. People of the village go to their lands to care their cattles and crops and come back in the evening so they have a very busy life.Young boys play Cricket .Volley Ball, Kabaddi or play cards in their extra time. Peoples of the village remains careful about fight and misbehavior because if any body do a little mistake other party persons quickly report to the police at Civil Line.

Bazars And Markets:

No Bazars but many markets on the both side of canal and both side of main road are present in the village many General stores (Karyana shops) are present which provide commodities of daily use. Peoples have to go PAHALIA or M.B.Din for major shopping and to MANGAT for minor Shopping

  1. Sports
  2. Cricket
  3. Hockey
  4. Footbal
  5. Bedminton
  6. Kabbadi
  7. Walibal


There are total fifteen mosques in the village, three are jamia and others are small


There are four shrines in the village.

Peer Mullan (Bohat)

Schools and Education:

Literacy rate of the village is much better. Almost every child of the village goes to school. There are 9 schools in the village:

  1. Govt. High School for Girls
  2. Govt. elemintry School for Boys
  3. Govt. primary School for Girls
  4. Govt. primary School for Boys.


  • Bright Baikan Private School
  • Al Noor Private School
  • Jannah public high school.
  • Allama iqbal public school
  • Alfurqan public high school.

Highly Qualified Persons:

Although the literacy rate is good but only few persons are Master degree holders among them:

  • Chaudhary Tasawar Nazeer Boola (Advocate) Civil Judge
  • Mudassar Iqbal Gondal (BA from PU)
  • Sayyed Najaf Ali (FA, FC collage)
  • Ch.Naeem Munawar Gondal (FA)
  • Amjad Iqbal Lillah – Advocate
  • Hafiz Naveed – Assistant Civil Engineer
  • Arfan Ali – Assistant Civil Engineer
  • Waqar Aslam (Bsc ,UET)
  • Yasir Altaf Civil Engineer



For any objection contact at


Bhikhi Sharif

Bhikhi Sharif

Village historical and latest information

  • Location of the village:Bhikhisharif is situated on sargodha road about 13km from the Distt Mandi Bahauddin.
  • History of the village:In 1753 a lady name Bhikhi have bought this area so this village is named Bhikhi.In1937 Hazrat jalal uddin give base to a relegious school named Jamia Mohammadia nooria Rizvia bhikhi.  As this insituation grows poeple of this area are awaired they become humble.So the name of Bhikhi is changed to Bhikhi Sharif.
  • Population (inhabitants)of the village:The population of bhikhi is 32000.
  • Parts (Mohullas) and braudaries in the village:This is very large community.Bhikhi sharif is divided in many Mohullas like jalali,balu pori,shumali,jonoobi n much more.Braudaries are Gondals, Jutt Sohi, Warriach,Tarars, Gunjas, Gujjars and all working Casts
  • Nature of People of the village:Nature of people is very friendly due to the teaching of the peer Jalal uddin & his sons.
  • Source of income of the village:Major accupation of the people is Agriculture.But 70% people are abroad.
  • People in Civil Service:
  • Civil Judges
  • Advocates
  • Teachers
  • Scholars
  • Bankers

Neighbouring villages, towns and geographical landmarks:

In the east dinga Chak In west Aaki Choknawali Inowal & Dalowl.In the south Adalt Abad.In North kuthyala Shekhan.

      Social Personalities of the Village:

  • Peer Jalaluddin Shah
  • Peer Mazhar Qayom
  • Qari Irfan
  • M.Mehfooz Mushheddi
  • Master Gulam Sarver (Nazim)
  • Ch.Shbbir Ahmed Gunja(Ex Nazim)
  • Ch.Sdique Gunja(CO.Phalia Shugar Mills)
  • Ch.Ashraf Gondal (civil Judge)

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village:

  • Ashraf Asif Jalali
  • Ch.Ashraf Gondal (civil Judge)
  • Ch.Saqib Gondal (ASI)
  • Naveed ul Hassan Shah

Schools, Collages in the village:

  • GovernmentInter Collegefor boys
  • GovernmentHigh School  for girls
  • Golden future Public school
  • Islamic college for girls

Mosques and Madrasas in the village:

  • Jamia Mosque Jalali
  • Jamia Mosque Sher e rubbani
  • Jamia Mosque khajoor wali

Main crops and fruits in the village

·       Wheat

·       Rice

·       Cereals

Mazars or other historical buildings in Village

·       Mazar of Jalaluddin

Welfare Organizations in the village

·       Jutt welfare society

Free time & Hobby

·           Shooting Ball

·         Cricket

·         Foot Ball

·         Kabuddi

·         Kushti

Main Problems of this Village

·       Problems faced by poor people of the village

·       Educational problems faced by girls and boys of the village and missing teachers in schools

·       and all promises of our leaders that they made in past or in recent election about this village and its people.

·       Medical problems- No big hospital nearby

·       Roads condition is very bad

·       No Play ground / Park

·       And all others problems what you see in daily life of people of this village

Bhachar بھچر

A beautiful village with all of natural facilities and biographical history . A wonderful location well learned people.

There are 4 mosque ? in this village

Famous People:

  1. Haji sarwar Nasar ka
  2. Ch. sikandar sai ka
  3. Sardar ghoni ka
  4. Riaz darkanya Hamayun Javed Nasar ka
  5. Atiq Urrahman gondal
  6. Matti ullah
  7. Faisal imran


(email): This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. “>

Mobile number: 03461600001

Ajjowal اجووال

Ajjowal اجووال

Ajjowal is a small village of distt M.B.Din. It is situated on Khutiala road. Almost 27 km from city MBDin and 14 km from tehsil Malakwal. The union Council of Ajjowal is Wara Alam Shah.

The main castes in Ajjowal are Jatt Gondal followed by Ranjha. Main source of income of people is agriculture followed by foreign remittances sent by people who are working in EU, Uk and Middle Eastern countries.

Ch. Mukhtar ahmad Gondal who has never lost the election in his political career. He is one of the most famous personality in the Area.

Mazhar Iqbal Gondal DC incom tax, now he works as a section officer in ministry of finance, because of his honesty and popularity, finance minister Hina Rabbani Khar herself invited him to work in ministry of finance for 3 year.

Main Crops        گاؤں کی اہم فصليں

  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • Sugar Cane

Nearest Villages      گاؤں کے قريبی ديھات

 Schools in the Village 

  • Govt.boys  primary school
  • Govt. girls primary school
  • Sir syed public high school
  • Raza public high school at gohar road.

Main Castes                               گاؤں کیاہم ذاتيں

  • Gondal
  • Ranjah

Social Personalities of the Village   گاؤں کی فلاعی شخصيات

  • Ch.Mukhtar Ahmad Gondal
  • Haji Nazir Ahamd Gondal
  • Tariq Mehmood Gondal(business man)
  • Sarfraz Ahmad Gondal

Highly Qualified Personalities of the Village

  • Mazhar iqbal Gondal(Deputy Comissinor in Incom Tax )
  • Shafqat Hussain Shah in Islamabad Police
  • Khurram Mukhtar Gondal (MA in Economics)
  • Lt. Asim
  • Ch. Faiz Ahmed Advocate
  • Gulam Rasul Advocate